And so, it begins.


Come closer, friend. Don’t be afraid! Sit a while, and let me tell you of a simpler time; a time when the Internet was young, and Space Marines went to war in vehicles made from shampoo bottles.

Picture, if you will, a wide eyed young lad of 12 or 13, raised on tales of fantasy and sci-fi, stumbling across a shop selling White Dwarf, and RTB01 Space Marines. The rest, as they say, is history…

Since I first came to the hobby, back in the late 80’s to say ‘a lot has changed’ would be the mother of all understatements. From the days of Rogue Trader, to the dawning of the Age of Sigmar, my love of GW’s range of tiny warmongers has only gone from strength to strength. Never before have the sculpts been so good, the tools and guidance for painting so user friendly and the resources for hobbyists so easily accessible. So why am I here typing, rather than painting or gaming?

Well, unlike some of my esteemed colleagues whose tales you may find here, I find my hobby efforts woefully inconsistent. I’m something of a hobby dilettante, flitting from project to project, full of ideas and awesome concepts for a conversion, or army, that too often fail to come to pass. My Eldar army, with its many incarnations…

My indecision-plagued Necromunda gang. My vacillation between Stormcast Vanguard and Skaven as a dedicated AoS project…

And that’s why I’m here. In an effort to commit. To stay on target. To put my proverbial money where my metaphorical mouth is. With three good mates setting the standard, I’m hoping a combination of pride, guilt, shame and good, old fashioned competitiveness will drive me towards my goals.

The first of those many goals? To put together a thematic force for Age of Sigmar, and get it painted to a decent standard.

I’ve set my heart on completing a Stormcast Vanguard force, with a few possible cameos from other Order forces. On seeing the Knight Aquilor, Palladors and Gryph hounds, my theme was set – I plan to create a force themed around such fantastic creatures, operating in and around ‘Ghur’ – the Realm of Beasts.

As a new dad, with a full time job, my free time has never been so limited. Yet, somehow, I find the need for a bit of ‘hobby balance’ more important now than ever. So to make sure I stay productive, focused, and to create a much-needed sense of urgency, I plan to chronicle my (undoubtedly lacklustre) efforts here…join me, if you dare!



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