Age of Sigmar – Overview

For the first half of 2018, the Council of the Aaronorium voted to appease our various fantastical cravings and focus on Age of Sigmar. (Actually, I think Col made an executive decision, but whatever. It still counts.)

Here’s what I’m looking at right now:


Our Shattered Dominions board is super-WIP at the moment. It’s going to be a region of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts.

The story of our setting is told in the bubbling, blood-swirling arcane energy in the cracks beneath the otherwise normal-looking ground. A gigantic demigod-beast was recently slain nearby, and its death is echoing through the local ecosystem; all that powerful blood sinking into the ley-lines throughout the region, drawing more beasts and monsters, sending them into frenzies, reactivating long-forgotten temple ruins, and so on.

We’re taking a pretty specific approach to Age of Sigmar. The models, scenery, and the setting itself are already very Epic Fantasy, and in some cases deal with some esoteric stuff, so we’re focusing on colour schemes that are very natural to balance it out. I was a always a huge fan of ‘classic’ fantasy tabletops – all the greens and browns; all the stone buildings and bridges – and we’re aiming to recreate that kind of aesthetic in Age of Sigmar. Not ignoring the Epic Fantasy elements, especially not story-wise, but dialling them back visually just a little.

For example, rather than the bright golds of a lot of scenery, we’ve gone with muted bronzes and pale, almost mundane sandstone. We’ve painted the ground just like the Warhammer TV guide for the Sylvaneth Glade, for its essentially natural look, which’ll tie in nicely to the sandstone buildings and their patina’d bronze (see below), but we’re avoiding the glowing bright blue magic beneath the ground. Basically a warmer look, overall.

Here’s the WIP Ophidian Archway as an example, and a couple of images for the kind of vibe we’re going for. We’ll get better photos when we’re at a point where the scenery is worth showing, but you get the idea.

Probably the second-most obvious way that we’re hearkening back to a classic feel for our campaign is in the armies we’re playing. Rather than considering things in terms of Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction, we’ve found ourselves framing it more like “I’ll play Dwarves,” and “Are you playing Elves?” Right now, I’m starting a Duardin army, Ross is focusing on playing various stripes of Aelves, Dr. Mark is playing Humans, and Col is focusing on Orruks. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but it probably gives a bit of an idea for how we’re coming into Age of Sigmar: embracing the high-concept story stuff, but keeping grounded in classic tropes, too.

I think we agreed that January would be the month to get a Hero painted up and ready to go, so I’ll probably concentrate on my Arkanaut Admiral. He’s got a very specific pose going on, but I have a cool idea for his base… if I can remember where I put that bit of broken stone from the bottom of the Skycutter Chariot kit.

No guarantees. My office is a mess.

As for which sky-port, I honestly have no idea, yet. I could make my own, but all of the iconic ones appeal to me in one form or another, be it lore, colour scheme, or both.

Note: I don’t know the rules well enough yet to judge any of the Baraks by their gameplay, sorry. The unique faction rules section for each sky-port is still another language to me right now.

Advice welcomed.




14 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar – Overview

  1. The turquoise and red dudes look fantasy but muted at the same time, or the blue and tan guys look reasonably “They would actually wear this in a practical way”. The Red and white guy is pretty standout cool though.

    If you wanted to be Mr Pimp Daddy though, go for Gold and Pink.

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  2. As to sky ports, it depends what you want. If you’re looking to make solid game play decisions then Urbaz is a good choice for an infantry heavy list. The Ziflin sky port is the secret sauce in the book though – once you get the hang of the game you’ll always wish you’d picked Ziflin. Best sky port from a fun, effective and themed perspective as they make all the ships faster and better.

    Otherwise, the rest are much of the same in terms of effectiveness. Outside of Ziflin or Urbaz which have gaming merit, you’re just choosing the colour scheme you like best. None will cripple you though, it’s a great army and you can’t go far wrong.

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  3. Barak-Mhornar is objectively the best sky port. If only because if the other sky ports can be considered pirates, they are the Black Bart. Ruthless and shady as hell, using this sky port can justify damn near anything for a home campaign.

    After all, Sigmar’s lads have to have a stash of Aether-gold somewhere on their bodice, right?

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  4. Playing Kharandron is awesome but it’s definitely an army where you are going to have to memorize the synergy of your models and the activation order to have them be awesome. Your basic troops are weak compared to Sigmar, but with the proper buffs and support from the frigates and ironclad you’re going to dish out a ton of damage. You will need to spend a little bit of money to get the stuff the army needs to shine, which admittedly makes it harder for an easy buy-in, but you get some gorgeous looking models out of it. (My Ironclad also serves as our RP prop for our DnD campaign)

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  5. Ah, I see we’ve gotten ourselves the same Christmas presents. Go, us!

    The Barak-Nar scheme tickles my fancy in all sorts of ways, though fluff-wise Barak-Mhornar and Barak-Urbaz inch ahead for me. They’re so delightfully scoundrelly.

    That said, like you I’m also considering doing my own sky-port. I’m strongly considering a Borgia-esque black & gold scheme (think GW studio army Black Guard) because it’s P-I-M-P and seems to fit Kharadrons to a T, not to mention renaissance Italy ought to be a gold mine for Kharadron fluff inspiration.

    Looking forward to seeing how you do yours!

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    1. Those are wise words, sir.

      Barak-Thryng: Great lore, but the colours are a little much for my muted/natural vibe.
      Barak Mhornar: Great lore, cool colours.
      Barak-Urbaz: Great lore, very cool colours that would totally work.
      Barak-Zilfin: My least-fave lore (still good, but doesn’t tempt me as much as the others), and the colours are a bit much, I think.
      Barak-Nar: Good, generic lore (I like to take generic factions and work from there, to show what’s interesting about them) and decent colours.
      Barak-Zon: Cool lore, but they look a bit like Super Mario.

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