Ironjawz – Assemble!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Ironjawz.

I’ve assembled a Weirdnob Shaman and Ironskull’s Boyz from Shadepire (which were a joy to build), and managed to get a break in the grim Northern weather (Cumbrian, to be precise) to undercoat them with Death Guard Green spray. Not a particularly interesting update, I’ll admit; but we’ve all got to start somewhere.
Shadespire & Shaman (WIP)

In terms of my colour scheme, I’ve had a slight re-think. Instead of oranges for any cloth/fur, and purple spot colours; I’ll now be going for purple cloth (very loosely following the Death Guard scheme) and greys/teals for any fur/scales. This is to hopefully match the scheme that Mark will be using for his various Gryphs. After all, it makes sense to match my trophies to the locals.

I’m currently unsure as to how I should do the magical ‘smoke’ coming from my Weirdnob Shaman’s staff. The ‘starry’ version in the Ironjawz Battletome seems a bit much, but on the contrary the generic pale green ones seem a bit dull to me. My current thought is a fairly bright green, like that on the Warchanter’s drumsticks – which would make a fourth green in my colour scheme (to go with dark green bases, medium green skin and light green armour)!

Speaking of medium green skin: I need to find out whether or not Orruks’ skin gets darker as they get bigger/more powerful (like their 40k counterparts). If anyone could point me to a reference, it’d be greatly appreciated. Failing that, it’s a good reason to start reading my Ironjawz Battletome…

3 thoughts on “Ironjawz – Assemble!

  1. You could always try actual smoke? As if it’s just set fire to the inside of its staff! You could go for orangey-red glow inside and then later up greys to black on the smoke itself? Orange is nice and complimentary to green so should look good.

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      1. Absolutely! Best bit of advice I ever got on spot colours was the triad- try and find 3 spots on the model to do as the spot colour and it helps frame the figure or some arty-science thingy- I just know it works!

        Best of luck!

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