Got Wood?


Look at that handsome devil.

As Aaron announced, for the first chunk of this blog we’re going to be taking a stab at Age of Sigmar, and for my sins I’ve decided to focus on the various flavours of Aelves (gotta get that spelling right!) that are still lurking out in the Mortal Realms. Although if the above is anything to go by, the poor souls haven’t exactly survived the end of the World-That-Was in one piece.

As luck or providence would have it, we seem to be delving into AoS just in time for what’s looking to be a soft reboot of sorts. All this Malign Portents stuff seems to be the herald of a strong year of content, and most importantly has provided us with some sweet, sweet context.

I’ve always imagined the Mortal Realms kind of like how Thor’s Nine Realms work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this seems to pretty much line up with that. And I suspect the similarity isn’t entirely coincidence, if not from the MCU then obviously from the Norse mythology.

But anyway, enough of that rambling. I’ll talk more about the setting in the future.

So, for the start of my collection I’ve gone for some Sylvaneth. I’ve always admired the Treelords and Revenant models in particular but I’ve never had a good excuse to pick any up. We’ve hummed and hahed about how to start off our little adventure, whether with Paths to Glory, AoS Skirmish, or just jumping into full armies, and at the moment it looks like we’re going to go with Skirmish because it means we’ll be able to get gaming asafp. We’d all agreed to put together our generals first, and I think we’re going to stick with that because it’s a great way to start an army and generate a lot of character right from the off.

So here’s how my collection looks at the moment.


With Skirmish, it’ll give me a chance to put together one or two of each unit type and try out a few colour schemes before I commit to anything, so expect to see a handful of dryads, Tree-Revenants and Kurnoth hunters in February. Once I manage to digest the Battletome I’ll be able to make some proper decisions about army comp, but I’m thinking Tree Revenants and Kurnoth Hunters, backed up by dryads and a Treelord or two. I want to get a Sylvaneth Wildwood too, but we’ve got a good bit of other terrain to finish up first, so that’ll be down the line somewhat. The Branchwych will make a good hero for Skirmish and the greater army, so I’ll be working on that this week. I want to do some converting rather than use the base model (nice as it is). I’ll be posting every Friday, so you can come back this time next week and see how that’s turned out!

Advice and suggestions much appreciated!



2 thoughts on “Got Wood?

  1. Fantastic post! 🙂

    Some advice on playing Sylvaneth in Skirmish. (I’m not a tournament player, nor the best table top gamer. The advice below is my trail and error observation from my first Skirmish game).

    Since most Sylvaneth units have a 5+ save, it’ll be a painful start when a few Dryads are slain at turn one. Best using them to take down annoyances like Bloodreavers and Clanrats. Also, be protective of your Branchwych against multi attack models like the Aspiring Deathbringer for example. Best bet is to use Dryads as defence for your wizard as they can dish up some attacks against the enemy. It’s more or less sacrificing models to ensure you get your objective goals done.

    In my first game of Skirmish using Khorne Bloodbound, the first turn my Aspiring Deathbringer was placed near my opponents hero, after charging into the Branchwych, the Deathbringer did a total of 3-4 wounds (forgot the exact amount) to a Branchwych. Nearly won the game because of that first turn, so be careful where you place your hero model.

    Last advice, my friend told me that banners aren’t worth taking (although some are useful) since the rules are different for bravery, so it’s best taking another model armed without a banner that affects bravery. Although it’s up to you if banners are worth taking for narrative reasons or for gaming.

    Hopefully these advices will help you in your Skirmish game using Sylvaneth.

    I’m looking forward to see future posts for your Skirmish collection. Good luck! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, man! That’s great advice. I’d considered taking only Tree Revenants but it might be wiser to go for the cheaper dryads to get a few more bodies on the table. I’ll probably be building banner bearers for the bigger army, but it’s good to know they have limited utility for Skirmish.

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