Tooth, Beak and Claw

Spurred on by the progress of fellow Aaronoriumites (Please note: this term is now totally a thing) I have actually slapped plastic glue to miniature!
Sweet, sweet hobby progress!

Now I have to confess…When Age of Sigmar first popped up I was not a fan of the Stormcast Eternals. I’m usually a fan of all things beastly, having primarily been a Skaven or Beastman player in Mordheim or Warhammer Fantasy in days gone by. Devouring stories about Greek mythology when I was young I invariably found Minotaurs, Centaur, Chimeras and Gorgons more fascinating than the hero slaying them.

Though the Stormcast mini range were perfectly decent, I wasn’t instantly hooked. The notion of playing the hard hitting Extremis or Strike chambers didn’t appeal, although the more I’ve delved into their background, the more enamoured I’ve become.

What swung it for me, however, was the arrival of the Vanguard Auxillary miniatures.
While a fan of the Gryph-hounds, the Lord Aquilor and Vanguard Palladors blew me away, and the Star Eagles, and Aetherhawks cinched it for me. The notion of a guerrilla, ‘ranger’ force, with more autonomy than the main battleline forces of Sigmar seemed fascinating.


Excuse me. Might you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour, Sigmar?

And so, as we build our AoS forces that will be my drive, the unifying theme of beaks and talons, as the army progresses to incorporate as many noble beasts as is sensibly possible.

In terms of our shared narrative, the force will have been tasked with exploring the seismic magical disruption caused by the death of a Godbeast in the Realm of Ghur…and will expand over time to represent a Lord Aquilor’s full Vanguard chamber, with some additional flavour from some indigenous folks they may encounter.

As we’re starting small, with forces based on the skirmish rules, I’ll be building some Aetherhawks, and using a Knight Venator as my initial leader. This should give me a chance to really go to town on a conversion for my first Stormcast miniature, and lavish some time over the next few weeks pinning down my colour schemes. So far I’m leaning heavily toward the ‘Knights of Azyr’, but I’m not quite sure what colours to make any Gryph Chargers to counterpoint their dark blue armour…if anyone has any suggestions or links to interesting Gryph minis please feel free to comment or share below!


That motto, though!

Until next time, here’s a snap of the very first members of my AoS army; a little something to whet your beak…


Caw, Caw, Motherf*+<er…





5 thoughts on “Tooth, Beak and Claw

  1. Hey,

    Following you guys with interest, since, like A D-B, I’ve just picked up my own battleforce.

    I was also leaning heavily towards a Vanguard Chamber, but have neither the funds nor the time to invest in both, so… I’m hoping I’ll get some of that Stormcast itch scratched following this space.

    For your Gryph Chargers, I think there are several different options depending on how strong you want the contrast to be. If you go with some rich, not-too-bright orange you’ll have a nice complimentary triad between the red and gold spot colors of the Stormcast and the charger itself. Would really tie them together, and wouldn’t be too crazy.

    If you want to go for something a bit more extreme and high fantasy, I think you could paint them pink. It contrasts beautifully with dark blue, and also works very well with cream/bone-type colours. E.g.:
    I’m aware it’s not a picture of a model, but the color theory should hold up well.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to post, Sindre! I’ve found myself slightly torn as we seem to be leaning toward more ‘high’ fantasy than epic, so our schemes are aiming to be more natural (as much as that’s possible for immortal lightning soldiers riding on mystical beasts!). On the one hand the pink in that pic really pops, and would be an awesome contrast, the bone is also really striking! You’ve certainly given me some food for thought…


      1. Hi Mark,

        Whoopsie, thought I replied to this earlier, but it looks like WordPress blocked my reply as a “double post”.

        I’m running Kharadrons, hence the reference to Aaron. I think I meant to drop that in the opening paragraph somewhere but somehow forgot.

        I have a similar issue as the one you described in your intro – starting and restarting innumerable projects – but your group have inspired me to start my own hobby blog some time this weekend. So far I’ve been checking back here every day or other day, and every time I do I find I do a bit of hobbying afterwards. Seems like a good way to stay on track to do my own.

        Hope you don’t mind if I drop some of my opening ideas in the comment here.

        Currently I’ve finished assembling all my battleforce, but I’m struggling with deciding on a sky-port to go with. The main idea I’ve had is to do a privateer fleet sort of thing, but I’m not sure if I want to do them as Barak-Mhornar or my own homebrew sky-port. I’ve been toying with the idea of a black and gold colours scheme with red and purple for spot colours, a sort of GW Black Guard-esque thing.

        All that said, every time I see the Barak-Nar scheme my mouth waters a little – I’m just not terribly inspired by their lore. “Best, brightest and blandest,” seems to be the theme. But the purple, bone and gold is just gorgeous. I’d probably have to deconstruct a few of the ideas around their lore to make it work for me. I could run mine as a bunch of slightly-incompetent scoundrels out of favor with the Admirals Council, but somehow staying just profitable enough and too close to the letter of the code for easy censure.

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  2. Interesting concepts, Sindre! I especially dig the Black Guard-esque sounding guys. But shaping lore to match your imagined characters on the tabletop is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby!

    If only I spent half as long painting my armies as I did thinking about their backgrounds…


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