On a Wing and a Prayer

Hail, and well met!

As mentioned in the previous instalment, my Stormcast army is themed around a Vanguard Chamber force, with as many Gryph- and winged creatures as possible.

Based on our collective plan to start with a small Skirmish force with a 35 point limit, and based on my theme, I’ve opted for a Knight Venator (who comes with a Star Eagle) and two Aetherwings. That’s means three beaks for a mere 32 renown: a 100% beak-per-base quotient so far!

Pew! Pew, Pew!


Now the existing Knight Venator is a perfectly nice miniature…

…if a little rotund for an airborne warrior…


…but I’ve always been a sucker for converting minis, and in a force as small as this starting ‘army’ I really wanted to go to town on my first hero.

I’m taking inspiration (and body parts) from these two fine ladies.

Sigmar is an equal opportunity creator of demigod-powered warriors


I like the notion of my first character representing a scouting hero; the vanguard of the Vanguard, if you will.

Inspired by the efforts of the other Aaronoriumites I’ve already converted the majority of my Venator, and with a few more hours greenstuff curing time she’ll even be ready for an undercoat (weather permitting!).

No YOU’RE making things unnecessarily complicated for yourself…

Now I’m a complete novice in terms of AoS, Stormcast and Skirmish in particular, and I have an uneasy feeling that my theme means I’ve put a lot of eggs in one metaphorical basket, so if anyone has any play hints, tips, or tricks to get the most out of such a small force feel free to comment below!


6 thoughts on “On a Wing and a Prayer

  1. Fantastic post! The knight Venator conversion is looking awesome so far, it’ll be interesting to see how it will look once painted.

    There’s been a few mentions now of female Stormcast Eternals in lore wise, so It’s possible that the SE aren’t limited like the Adeptus Astartes in terms of recruitment. A book called Hammerhal by Josh Reynolds has a female liberator character that shows her prospective on being an immortal warrior. probably the best character in the book, I liked her story the most.

    Anyways, I shouldn’t be rambling too much. Keep up the fantastic work! (Pray to Sigmar seven times a day).

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    1. Many thanks, Bjorn! She’s getting there…
      As a long time Eldar player, I really like the fact that the Stormcast feature men and women in their ranks, and Hammerhal showed that really well, giving the perspective of a female, frontline Liberator. I’ve been devouring the Black Library audiobooks on AoS, and it was definitely an influence. Neave Blacktalon also fascinated me in the Blightwar boxed set; the first ‘Knight Zephyr’ release, she is arguably one of the most potent heroes a Stormcast list can field! That’s what I’ve been digging about the more recent releases – interesting, original characters, and the avoidance of the metal-bikini armour trope. I want to convert a believable, practical warrior, but avoid the ungainly look of the more ‘burdened’ existing miniature.
      Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll be sure and keep my prayer-scrolls unsullied!

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      1. Interestingly enough in one of the White Dwarf weekly issues back when Godbeasts was released. A small article on the Tempest Lords Stormhost detailed how men and women were reforged as SE. So it was part of the lore way back before the first plastic female Stormcast Eternal was released.

        Totally agree, it was great to see a mixture of characters from different races, backgrounds and prospectives in Hammerhal, hopefully there’ll be more stories that will help AoS grow in years to come.

        It’s thanks to Hammerhal that I’m now really invested into AoS more, the book reminds me of the World-that-was and how it had a civilisation to look into.

        Whilst I haven’t looked into Neave Blacktalon’s backstory or events into Blightwar, I do however like the model design. But I hope she’ll be in a BL book of her own story.

        Metal-bikini isn’t really practical for war gear, I mean, would anyone wear any if they were in Norsca? I can understand why a few characters would wear them, like Morathi as part of her manipulative allure. I guess it all depends on the character and wether it’s appropriate depending on the environment.

        Aye, my pleasure to help. If you are looking for more inspiration, I have a few Stormcast Eternals posts on my blog.

        Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

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  2. Have to say doc, this one looks beautiful.

    My bits box is nearly nonexistent at this point, so I’ve not added any conversions so far. I plan to seed some converted models into existing units later on, but it feels sour to miss out on one of my favourite parts of the hobby. Thankfully, I get to enjoy batch painting my Arkanauts (yes, I’m aware I’m a deviant) instead.

    I undercoated my Knight-Azyros (the one Stormcast kit I own) two days ago. Now, if I could only figure out where I put his base…

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    1. Forgot to add: do you plan to find some way to add more female Stormcast to the army? I’m quite happy they added that change as well – it’s one of my favourite things about my Dark Eldar – but two models tied to expensive-ish boxed sets doesn’t seem like much just yet.

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      1. I do, indeed! I picked up a few Neave Blacktalon’s and Shadespire sets in advance of this project as I plan to 1) cannibalise them for alternative female characters, and 2) use the Steelheart miniatures in a rather special upcoming terrain project…


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