The plan… to crush the Atreides.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting the rest of my Shadespire crew.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to get them finished (thanks to Nurgle afflicting me), but I’ve at least managed to get them all basecoated and washed – so they’re not far off.

Shadespire (WIP)

I’ve also been thinking about what I’ve got so far, and what order I’m hoping to build/paint it in. Traditionally, I’m a ‘buy an army in one go, build it all then slowly paint it’ kinda guy, but this time I’ve decided that (although I’ve already bought most of my army) I’m going to build/paint each unit before moving on to the next (loosely based on James Karch’s approach in the February 2017 White Dwarf). That way, I don’t have (even more) greenskins silently judging me for not painting them quickly enough.

I also plan to reward myself with characters too, which should make churning through the rank and file a bit easier. Here’s the plan so far:

Ironskull’s Boyz (mostly done)
Weirdnob Shaman (built/undercoated)
10 Brutes
30 Ardboys
6 Gore-Gruntas
Megaboss on Maw-krusha (the only thing I don’t yet own)

I might bulk the Ardboys out to 50/60 models (depending on how I feel after the first 30), and I’ve also got a box of Moonclan Grot Fanatics (because they’re awesome). I intend to add some more Moonclan Grots (and Squigs!) and Bonesplitterz, and possibly some Spiderfang Grots too…

4 thoughts on “The plan… to crush the Atreides.

  1. Honestly I didn’t think that green-armoured greenskins on green bases (with a bit of green fur on the boss) was ever going to work – however you’ve convinced me of my error. Great work on these – the really dark skin works particularly nicely.

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    1. Cheers! The skin is the same way that I paint my 40k Nobz/Bosses. I figured that with the Ironjawz being fairly elite (and technically being Black Orcs), that they deserved a darker skintone.

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