Winging it…

Well hello there!

Another week has flown by, and (inspired by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites) I’ve actually managed to maintain hobby progress, putting the finishing touches to my Skirmish warband.

This week has seen my Knight Venator conversion completed, and I’m now at the stage where all that’s needed is to put paint to mini.


I’m not gonna lie. This turned out better than I’d hoped…

Without wanting to sound like I’m making excuses I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock due to Northern Ireland’s less-than-clement weather, and so have had to postpone undercoating her, but as soon as I get a break in the climate department I can’t wait to make a start on her and her winged compatriots.

So what’s next? Quite a lot, actually. Thanks for asking.

For now, in lieu of painting, I’ve made a start on a little side project.
This magnificent beastie is the first step in something special that I hope will be ready to show by next week…and I’ll give you a hint – it’s not for a war-altar.

Nor is it a Robo-Gryphon

After that little endeavour, I’d also mentioned that my skirmish force is a jumping-off point for an army replete in noble beasts. The main component will be a Vanguard Auxillary chamber, and next on the cutting board is a Lord Aquilor conversion.

Which I can only hope is even slightly as noble as this handsome pair. (Artist: Russell Marks)

With our narrative setting (forces converging in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, following the death of a Godbeast), Aaron considering a secondary force of Fyreslayers, and Colin considering some Moonclan Grots, I also fancy the notion of working on a secondary force thematically linked to my Stormcast.

Malign Portents has added some rich background to the Realms, and after listening to some Black Library audiobooks I’ve also become quite intrigued as to the nature of those mortals who dwell in the Realms, and have survived the Ages of Myth, and Chaos. If I manage to complete my Stormcast, I plan to add a small allied force based on Freeguild units, representing some locals from the Realm of Beasts who worship a Godbeast known as ‘The Father of Griffons’.

I envisage such mortals would see Sigmar’s chosen on Gryph-Chargers, and accompanied by packs of Gryph-hounds with a mix of awe and apprehension. This should allow me to stretch my army concept a little further, and should give me the option to convert and add some slightly more quirky options, like demigryph knights, or a Battlemage on Griffon.

In the meantime I plan to get paint on my Knight Venator (Venatrix?), and not let these grand and fanciful plans distract me…

Advice as wise now as it was in 1977…


Gaming-wise, I’m a little worried that my skirmish force has the smallest numbers of our group. While the Knight Venator is pretty tough, she comes with a hefty renown cost, and the Aetherwings (though perfectly thematic) are not much back-up. If anyone has any useful tips on how not to get stomped in our upcoming games feel free to comment below!


Fly, my feathery meat-shields!




7 thoughts on “Winging it…

  1. Smashing work! The Knight- Venator is getting better with each update.

    I like how you’ve converted the Knight-Venator with slender bird like wings (I think it’s Saint Celestine’s wings?).

    As a suggestion when painting your models, it would be really effective to have the Gryphs be painted in a lighter colour (pale cream or white would work nicely), as they’ll clash well alongside your Stormhosts darker colours. Although it’s entirely up to you on what colour you might want to experiment with. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Bjorn. And thanks for the psychedelic take on our blog on your blog! 🙂
      You have a good eye…I wanted wings that were less bulky, so Celestine’s were stolen, with some Stormcast detailing added. As for the Gryphs, I am sorely tempted to go bone/pale for their pelts, but I also love the teal with tiger-stripe pattern from Duncan’s guide on warhammer TV’s YouTube channel. Reckon I might practice a few schemes on gryph-hounds before I tackle any Chargers…

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  2. Ah, now that’s a conversion! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the demigod women in particular.

    Concerning tactics:

    The last time I played at the local store (and the first time I went with my Kharadron – yay!), I played against a Tzeentch Daemons guy who only had a flamer, a herald and a few horrors. Those came up to the same renown as my 20 model warband, stocked as it was with sub-par Arkanauts and a few Stormcast Liberator freebies. Since he was both heavily outnumbered and more than a little bit more powerful than my models, individually, I think I could give you a few thoughts:

    – Try to deploy so as to isolate a smaller group of enemy models if you can. Your Venator should win any ranged fight she picks, but she can’t stand up very well to larger groups. My opponent killed my Admiral on turn two and was picking Arkanauts and Stormcast off every single turn, but I had the luxury of being able to drown him in models. Once he lost two of his horrors, he was already struggling to keep up. Nibble away at the flanks.

    – Your Star-Fated Arrow can probably kill anyone it hits, assuming you make the wound roll. If my math is correct, Merciless Killer beats Inspirational Fighter for your warlord trait – and has the extra benefit of doubling the chance you’ll trigger your Star-Eagle’s -3 rend attack. I am a bit rusty with my probability, though, and Inspirational Fighter would make it really, really difficult to ever miss a shooting attack, so maybe that’s better in the end.

    – Your Aetherwings are almost useless in a fight. I they can take an arkanaut each, but anything more is pushing it. Keep them around to block charges on your knight or send them off to snatch objectives. They are -really- fast, so you can work that to your advantage.

    – If you don’t get boxed in, you can probably avoid getting charged at all, unless you’re against the Orruks.

    That’s all maybe a touch power-gamey, and it sounds like you are all more into the narrative aspect, but I figure a bit of sneaky play will help the lot of you have some more interesting games – until you can fill out your warband with some extra models, that is.

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    1. Thanks, Sindre! That’s superbly helpful. I’d envisaged the need for a game of ‘keep away’ as pretty much anything will best her in close combat, and I’ll have to figure out the best means to divide up enemy forces. I’d not considered the warlord traits impact either…
      Awesome to get some feedback from someone who’s fought similar battles!


      1. Worth remembering (at any rate, I was shocked to learn this), you can actually shoot in close combat in Age of Sigmar. But since that’s only on your own turn, your prospects are still fairly grim.

        I also didn’t mention artefacts, but all of them seem fairly mediocre for your situation. The one that gives you an extra wound or the one that prevents enemies in close combat from attacking if they roll a 1 will probably help a bit, though.

        I’m most likely going to play another game of skirmish tomorrow, but against a friend’s Skaven – so I suspect I will be the one to be outnumbered this time!

        Shameful lack of narrative gamers around these parts, though. Just some (rather tactically inept) competitive players and a few casual types who enjoy the game, but don’t really pay much interest to the lore.

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