Da Boyz are back in town!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off Ironskull’s Boyz.

Hakka, Basha, and Gurzag Ironskull have joined Bonekutta in my painted ranks now – putting my Aos/Ironjawz army on the scoreboard with a grand total of 1 unit/4 models/80 points. I’ll count them as regular old Ardboys when we get round to our initial Skirmish games, so once my Weirdnob Shaman’s done I’ll have my starting warband (and a few new recruits) ready to go.


I painted Gurzag’s cloak purple (using Xereus Purple, an Agrax wash, then Genestealer Purple) to match how I’m going to paint my Moonclan Grots when I get round to them. They obviously shop at the same place, just in different sections (big and tall versus petite). It’s also similar to the official Death Guard colour scheme, so I knew that it would be a good choice. The Weirdnob Shaman is mostly cloak, so giving him a Death Guard Green basecoat won’t be as helpful as it was on the rest of my armoured Orruks. I’m looking forward to painting him though, and I reckon he shouldn’t take me too long once I get cracking.

He’ll be my first plain base too, as the Ironskull’s bases were all sculpted. I did a practice base a few weeks ago using an initial coat of texture paint prior to the Castellan Green, to rough things up a little (which turned out ok). I only had an old pot of Mourn Mountain Snow to hand at the time, but I’ve since invested in a pot of Lustrian Undergrowth (more green!) to use as the first step on my non-sculpted bases.

I may have picked up some Savage Boarboys in a January Sale too. The horde continues to grow…

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