10 points to Gryphon-door…

Hail, and well met.

This week has been challenging, but rewarding. Not even a bout of influenza could stop me putting paint to miniature, and although progress was slow, it has been nice to sit and get back into painting again.


I’m not saying my recovery was impressive, but it went a little something like this…

The main effort this week has been getting base colours on, and I’ve deliberately started with my Aetherwings, as they’ll inform how I tackle the Star Eagle, and help me dust off the hobby cobwebs before tackling the main star of the show, my Knight Venatrix.

I’m following the Aetherwing painting guide as prescribed by the legendary Duncan Rhodes here and, so far at least, it seems to be working:


So. Many. Feathers.

I also mentioned this chap last week:

Come at me, bro!

He’s now keeping company with a twin brother, both of whom will be acting as sentinels to a scratchbuilt Realmgate I’m working on. Several more parts arrived this week, and I’m really looking forward to making something unique that will hopefully grace a tabletop alongside my skirmish and subsequent Vanguard force…

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…

Finally, I received a rather awesome gift this week from one of my fellow bloggers, and I have to say it’s been pretty inspirational!

My Realmgate may be a somewhat less impressive version…

This week, spurred on by this amazing print, I plan to finish up the Aetherwings, and start work on the main event with my Venatrix. Pop back next week to see if my constant battle with hobby inertia remains successful!


4 thoughts on “10 points to Gryphon-door…

  1. Your Aetherwings are look great so far, I like the effort put into the painted wings! 🙂
    They look far more impressive than my Chamon based Aetherwings (I took simplistic route of painting metal birds with a purple ink wash).

    Your Realmgate idea is actually a cool idea! It’s a fresh change from the common realm gate kit that’s on sale, I like seeing hobbyist scratch build realmgates with creative imagination.

    (Insert voice of old timer Kup from G1 Transformers) The statue Grphons reminds me of a short story, Trial of the Chosen by Guy Haley, for the Call of Archaon series (second short story for the Khorne Bloodbound side). There’s a realmgate in Shyish guarded by two Necrosphinx that are positioned facing each other as statue guardians for this realmgate arch. They come to life as these humongous living stone guardians, that strike out to defend their realmgate from any trespassers.

    Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

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    1. Many thanks, Bjorn. I’ve seen some incredible realmgate conversions in the past, and love when someone does a ‘themed’ realmgate to match their faction. It’s a project I’m excited to tackle.

      Really intrigued by the Charon themed Aetherwings, too! Sound a bit like the Kharadron’s Drillbills…

      And while it’s nice to have the recollection of someone as old as rust (http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/1/1e/Kupanimated.jpg/275px-Kupanimated.jpg ), I envisage my Gryphon sentinels as being purely decorative – though I love the craziness of the realm, and the Necrosphinx guardians is so very AoS…

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      1. Have you seen GW massive kitbashed Realmgate? It was featured in a few issues of White Dwarf. It’s pretty impress to see the imagination that goes into the creating it. You’ll have tons of fun with making your own realmgate. 🙂

        Oh yeah! :0 I’ve forgot about the Drillbills. I imagine the birds of Chamon are metal feathered (or literally metal) based on the environment of the Realm of metal.

        Hehe, totally kup! (I was gonna put a D.R Smoov reference, but it wouldn’t be wise of me 😆).

        That’ll work pretty well for a realmgate for the Stormcast Eternals, I can imagine it’ll be a grander realmgate compared to the crumbling realmgates in unknown lands. There have been crazy things going on in the realms, but that’s part of the fun for AoS!

        Very AoS lol, shame the Tomb Kings were axed after the story was released months later. I can see the Tomb Kings can be easily reintroduced back into AoS in the future.

        Oh I have a curious question to ask! What are your thoughts on the Malign Portents so far? 🙂

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  2. I’d not seen the GW converted realmgate, Bjorn? Any idea which issue of WD featured it? As for Malign Portents, I feel it’s really started to flesh out the setting, at least in terms of Shyish, although I like that they’re still not didactically laying out every detail. That said, it feels a little…localised? I’m loving the feel of it, but if you didn’t, for instance, have a death player in your gaming group it might be hard to see how to apply it to your games…


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