There are some who call me… Dim.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting my Weirdnob Shaman.

Dim the Enchanter is an eccentric performer, who believes that death awaits us all with nasty, big, pointy teeth.


In hindsight, I should have painted him before assembling him, as there were a few bits that were tricky to get to with my brush. In the end, I painted the smoke as some kind of ethereal green Waaagh! energy/magic, roughly following the guide in the How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Ironjawz book. I also painted the eyes (both the Shaman’s and his staff’s) in a similar way – starting with Celestra Grey, then a glaze of Waywatcher Green followed by a highlight of White Scar. I’m happy with his base too, although I think that him having bare feet reduces the definition between base and model.

I made a start on reading my Ironjawz Battletome too, and I’m about halfway through at the moment. It’s good to see that for the most part Orruks are still Orcs are still Orks. There’s been no descriptions of any green armoured Ironjawz so far though, so I’ll either have to make up my own Warclan, or pick a named but not pictured Warclan and say it’s them. The fact that the Ironjawz home turf is Ghur (the Realm of Beasts) pleases me too, and the book has lots of great artwork that should prove as great inspiration for some custom terrain down the line.

Now that I’ve got my starting Skirmish warband all sorted, next up for my Ironjawz are some Brutes (of which I’ve got 10 to finish building). I also want to get the last of my Death Guard (a box of Blightlords and three Blight-Haulers) assembled too (ready for a game next week), so I might take a small break to do so…

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