Birds of a feather…

Hail, and well met!

Did you ever bite off more than you can chew? This week has made for slow progress on the painting front, but some progress nonetheless. The Venatrix herself has had some base colours applied, but I am avoiding the temptation to rush her, as I’m planning to push myself with some challenging techniques. Especially given how high the bar has been raised by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites!

Though not quite finished, the Aetherwings are starting to approach the finish line. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into a rhythm with painting, and although hobby opportunities have been a bit infrequent at times, making progress on these two has inspired me to keep up my momentum:



Officially representing more hobby progress in the past month, than the last year…


Still a bit of work to do on the bases/scroll-pennants but I’m happy with the direction they’re going. I’ve also managed to come up with a scheme for the Knight Venatrix’s Star Eagle, planning to invert the scheme from the Aetherwings. The Knight herself will effectively be a variant on this scheme:

Hey, Bob, how come I have to wear the frowny helmet?

I’m also toying with some last minute conversion ideas, going back and forth between adding a bowstring, as above, or going with more of an arcane bolt of an arrow…


One that note, I’ve gone back to the drawing board on my realmgate project, and am planning on foregoing the traditional mysterious tendrils of eldritch glowy magic that are found on the edges of the portal for some actinic bolts of lightning striking from the realmgate out toward the surrounding base. This is proving tricky, but if it comes together it’ll be totally worth it.


Modelling something like this should be EASY, right?

Balancing a hobby project around real life work and family commitments is always tricky, but I’ve also been pleasantly surprised how relaxing it’s been when I actually sit down and put paint to mini. Having spent ages planning and imagining a project, to actually see miniatures moving from sprue, to painting table, to having an actual paint scheme has been a weirdly rewarding experience. As one of our gaming group’s resident slowest painters I’m gradually unlearning the bad habits that have held me back, but if anyone has any useful hints and tips on how to maintain decent hobby momentum please let me know in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “Birds of a feather…

  1. Those Atherwings look gorgeous! Very majestic as birds of Azyr, the colours really come to life.

    Fantastic work as always! 🙂

    Have you tried using paper clips? They’re quite flexible to shape, and, if joined tightly (add some super glue if that might work) you could Prime the wires and paint them as lighting bolts. Or, optionally you could use some wire (I forgot the specific name for the wire type) which is also useful for shaping wire bolts.

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    1. Cheers, Bjorn! I actually have considered paper clips as I’ve used them before for a similar, but much smaller conversion (an Eldar farseer held aloft by lightning bolts from his hands!). I may need to explore some alternatives for this, though, as the gate arch is going to be quite a height compared to a miniature…

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  2. Those are some nice birds you have there.

    Have you thought about using paperclips, putting some PVA on them and painting over them for the lighting coming out of the portal? Alternatively I guess you could run some kind of clear plastic fibre with some blue LEDS.

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