Total Brutal!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Death Guard and Brutes.

I know the Death Guard aren’t Ironjawz, but they’re going to be mostly green when they’re painted. That counts, right? I managed to build two Myphitic Blight-Haulers (which I enjoyed) and five Blightlord Terminators (which I didn’t). I used them in a game on Tuesday (unpainted models – boo!), but they both performed reasonably well (against Tyranids). I left out my cannon fodder (~50 Cultists/Poxwalkers) to fit them in though, so was vastly outnumbered and got mauled in the end. I’ve been waiting on my local store for a third Myphitic Blight-Hauler (as well as my Start Collecting Ironjawz box) since before Christmas, so I’m hoping that they’ll be in tomorrow when I go and check.

I really want to get the Warchanter built/painted up to go with my Shaman, but in the meantime I’ll concentrate on my Brutes. I’ve got two units of five, so I’ve built the first one with Brute Choppas and will build the other with Jagged Gore-hackas. Both units will include a Gore-choppa too – because they’re quite possibly the most badass looking weapon in the game. This first Brute Boss has got a Boss Choppa and I’ll give the other one a Boss Klaw and Brute Smasha. The one-handed weapons (and Boss Klaw/Brute Smasha combo) look better to me (in terms of rules), but I’m going more for the rule of cool – so will have plenty of variety in my units (even if they’re sub-par).

Brutes (WIP)

As lovely as the models are, they were over a dozen pieces each! I noticed that the Death Guard kits were similar, so it seems to be the new trend. Although the models are fairly unique/individual, there’s mostly just one build for each one (with a few, but not all, weapon choices) – which limits the potential of buying duplicates (and is why I only ended up buying one box of Plague Marines instead of the four that I’d planned to before I saw the kit). As cool as the fly Blightlord is, he’s not so special if 20% of your Terminators look just like him! I loved building the Poxwalkers as they were only a few pieces each, and although they’ve got fixed poses it doesn’t matter so much for a horde unit (and there are sixteen unique models to boot). The Ardboys are more what I like: uniform points of contact, so any head/weapon can go on any body. There’s much more variety, and they’re much less pieces (and therefore quicker/easier to build) too!

Going off on a bit of a tangent; my favourite kits of all time are the Killa Kans and Nobz kits. Even though they’re coming up for ten years old, they’re both incredibly customisable, and you’re not limited by the modern day ‘arm A only fits on body A’ syndrome. I’ve got 15 Killa Kans and 25 Nobz (from the Nobz kit) across my various Ork armies, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of assembling them. Hopefully, when the new Ork Codex comes out, we’ll get loads of new kits just like the good old days. If I wish hard enough for Looted Wagons and Squigs, it might come true…

One thought on “Total Brutal!

  1. The boss claw / smasha combo is almost always a better way to go. You reroll hits against models with high wound counts, and having that smasha auto-hit something is brutal. Those units have been my MVPs (in the admittedly few games I’ve ever played of Age of Sigmar) – they’ve killed treelords and kurnoth hunters where everything else in the army failed to make anything stick (including the warboss on foot, who steals the award for most impressive model with utterly disappointing close combat rules from Space Marine Assault Squads).

    The brute squads are also one of the better recent kits for kitbashing – the “Arm 15 and Hand 16 must be attached to Body 7 and Legs 8” business isn’t quite as bad. Try assembling some of the orcs without their chestplates for variety – gives ’em a bit of a gladiator look!


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