Call the Copse…

…cause I killed it this week! Sorry. Had to work really hard to fit that pun in.

I set myself a challenge this week. Rather than dawdle along painting a couple of these dryads a week, I thought I’d try and get the whole lot done in just one. And I did! It wasn’t easy, and I certainly had to make compromises, but it’s beyond words how immensely satisfying is it to bash out an entire unit in just seven days.


I haven’t painted a full unit in years, and batch painting is something I abhor, but I wanted to give it a try for a number of reasons. Mainly, to see if I could. I found myself with a few extra free evenings this week so rather than settling into my usual Netflix and Xbox evening routine, I stuck on some podcasts and went to work. With the Branchwraith I took my time, agonising over washes and colour swatches and blah blah blah, with these I just fired the paint on and hoped for the best. Lots of washes and drybrushes, and selective line highlights. Happily it worked out, although I think I need to give the bases another go over; they need to be be greener to match our table. I’m also tempted to play with some flocks or something for a little bit extra texture.

Those base rims 😦 Please forgive.

They’ll not win any competitions, but I think they capture the mood well. On my quest to catch up with all the blogs I’ve been missing out on, something I hear a lot of people say over and over again, and something I see reflected in a lot of the hobby going on out there, is that it’s not about the technical skill. Creating mood and atmosphere, and telling stories is much more important than a good paint job. Being able to blend perfectly or paint super fine line highlights doesn’t mean jack if the models have no soul. It’s something that I struggle to embrace, as I’m a pretty good painter, but I’ve always just copied the box art. With this army I want to experiment a bit more, take more risks, and hopefully learn some valuable lessons.


Another reason I wanted to get all these guys done quickly was that you folks reading the blog probably don’t want to look at work-in-progress pictures of half-painted line infantry for a month. Burning through these guys means that I can fiddle about with some other things I’ve been wanting to do. I don’t want to rocket ahead of the other guys, so I’m going to spend this coming week working on some civvies for the Nestorian Infestation invitational. There have been some great pieces out there in the past few days (thinking specifically of Wudugast and Nicolas Grillet) so I feel like I can’t half-ass it! Might pick myself up a box of those lovely new Orlocks as well…


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! The blog has had over 20,000 views since we started on the 1st January. That’s flipping nuts! So a big thanks to everyone reading, commenting and liking. No pressure, guys…


Happy hobbying!

~ Ross

9 thoughts on “Call the Copse…

  1. Not sure which I should be congratulating you on more, the quality of these models or the quality of that pun. Someday I’ll be looking at pictures like these and the inevitable caving of willpower will occur and I’ll start a Sylvaneth army of my own. Oh and cheers for the shout out as well.


  2. The great models brought me here, the puns made me stay. I’m following you guys on Insta as well and your Sylvaneth are looking awesome, definitely a good competitive inspiration for my own. Like you, I wasn’t sure about the dryads or the branchwych but yours are looking top-notch.
    I agree totally about atmosphere and “feeling” being way more important than technical supremacy – yeah airbrushed, osl’d and nmm’d models look great, but they can also feel a little soulless to me. Your dryads are looking damn near perfect, with that wild and ragged look that a bunch of animated natural wood would have, and I love the orange glow in the eyes and the subtle blue glow on the spirals. Looking forward to seeing more from you and the other guys as well.


    1. Thanks very much!

      Yeah they were looking quite flat until I did the eyes and runes, so I’m glad they came together at the end. I’m definitely going for a wilder look. A lot of folks out there seem to gravitate towards Ghur, it seems to hold onto some of that Old World flavour.

      The dryads are much better models in the flesh (so to speak) than in the official pictures, so I was pleasantly surprised when I started putting them together.

      Big fan of your stuff on Instagram as well. I’ve been side-eying that Ogroid myself as some sort of woodland critter, and yours is looking great.


  3. That pun was amazing. I almost laughed myself off my chair. The models are okay, too 😉

    Seriously, though: They work really, really well as a squad/unit/regiment, which is always important, but arguably even moreso for tree people. I love how the crackle effect you have applied actually makes the models’ surface look like bark! The glowing eye effect is also subtly and beautifully done!

    Speaking of the Nestorian Infestation, it’ll also be really cool to see you branching out (!!!) with the kinds of models you do 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dude!

      Yeah the crackle effect continually surprises me. I bought a tub of crackle paste for large scale areas and custom colours. And likewise with the eyes, hadn’t a plan going in but they turned out great!

      You’re embracing the punnery, goooood.


    1. Thanks, dude. Yeah painting these was a lot more fun than I usually have batch painting units. It was much more free form and experimental, almost like painting scenery.


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