“Hey man, I just work here.”

So here’s my work in progress for the Nestorian Infestation invitational.


I decided to take part in this little sidequest for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to scratch my 40k itch and have a play with some new kits that I picked up. I grabbed a box of Genestealer Cultists a few weeks back with the intention of looting all the shotgun arms to put on the new Orlocks. I haven’t actually got the new Orlocks yet, but I did find myself fondly gazing at all the other nice bits on the GSC sprues, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to put some together.

Secondly, it finally gives me the chance to dip my toe in the Inq28 water and see what the temperature is like. For many a year now I’ve scrolled through blogs and flipped through the Blanchitsu pages of White Dwarf and thought, “that looks exciting and dangerous, I wonder if I’m the kind of renegade maverick that can do that jazz?” I’ve always just built to the instructions, and painted to the box colours. Do I have what it takes to go off the reservation? And we’ve always had different things on the go over here, so we’ve never really had a chance to run our own little narrative or campaign or whatever, so joining in with something pre-existing takes a lot of the pressure off and lets me have some fun.

And thirdly, I didn’t want pull too far ahead on the AoS front. I might have said back in my first blog post that if you’re doing these kind of collaborative projects, it’s no fun if some people just motor off into the distance, and as Colin and I are a bit further on with our AoS, this is a good opportunity to take my foot off the gas.

So onto the models themselves then. My idea for these four is that they’re a maintenance  crew, one anonymous little team of blue-collar scrubs that gets sent down into dripping tunnels and up into creaking air vents whenever a light globe blows or an isotropic fuel rod needs replacing. I definitely wanted them to be civilians as well, so that meant no guns, no swords, no tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, no sonic-electronic ball-breakers! And while I certainly didn’t want them to have the uniformity of a military unit, they’re also meant to be background NPCs, so I didn’t want them to be flamboyant characters either. They probably all bought their ancient HE suits from the same dodgy guilder, who sells the same recyced gear as every other dodgy guilder on this Throne-forsaken planet.

This was the first one I built. I got the idea from BigBossRedSkull’s own excellent Nestorian creation, the screamer-killer, which instantly reminded me of the necromorphs from the Dead Space games. So I figured I’d have a go at my own Isaac Clarke, and the project took on a life of its own from there, deviating from the original idea into something more ’40k’. I need to swap out the stick for something that looks more tool-like, cause at the moment it’s clearly just that bit from the Ad Mech kit.

This model is the most unfinished. I’m not sure about his head, and the drill is just a placeholder until I can pinch one of the fancy nail guns from Aaron’s Endrinriggers.

This unfortunate hiver has learned the hard way that you should always read the manual. I’ve been waiting for ages for a model to use this head on, and the troubled, confused look on his face is a perfect fit here. Lots of purity seals for better luck next time.

I didn’t mean for it to look like this when I started, I swear. I was just trying to make something that was definitely not a gun, and about half way through I realised what it was becoming. I really like the bionic Ranger arms on the GSC torsos, but I worry that he looks too soldiery.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to throw some paint on them next week. They’re a little rough around the edges but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I had a lot of fun putting these guys together, and it gives me confidence to try similar things in the future. And finally, here are some general observations and things I learned while building these guys:

  1. It’s really hard to make models with no weapons, you guys – And it’s not even what’s in their hands. All the GSCs have holsters that needed to come off, most models have grenades hanging from their belts, and a lot of the extra pouches that come with other kits have ammo magazines in them. Proper nightmare.
  2. It’s also really hard to kit bash when you’ve only got three kits! –  I really need to buy more boxed sets. Any recommendations for the essential Inq28 toolkit? I’m thinking Mil Temp Scions next.
  3. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! – These fellas were looking rather bland and it took me a while to work out what it was. The costumes were too tidy, featureless. The devil’s in the details after all. Pouches, hip flasks, tools, purity seals, totems, I just kept digging in my bits box and sticking things on until it looked right. And on that note…
  4. Forge World Imperial Guard kits have the best accessories – I don’t have a lot of them, but I unearthed the remains of a couple of Elysian and Cadian FW accessory kits, and the pouches and other bits are a much better size for this kind of thing than the giant Space Marine pouches that I’m sure most of us have a tiny mountain of.
  5. Boy, do I suck at green stuff. I’m gonna need to get some better tools and watch some tutorials or something.
  6. I intentionally left the GSC icons on their belts. I figure these are the type of hard-working citizens that go to space-church once a week, pay their tithes, and then just get on with the business of staying alive. Because the whole planet is slowly becoming infected, I figured that one week the preacher was handing out these weird medallions instead of purity seals, so they just shrugged, clipped them on their belts for good luck, and went back to work. Except the next time they went down in the sewers, there were more than just rats down there…


~ Ross

18 thoughts on ““Hey man, I just work here.”

  1. Whoa, these are excellent, Ross! Even moreso considering that this is your first outing into the wonderful world of INQ28! I especially love how each of them tells an actual little story, and yet the group still has great overall cohesion. 40k-ified Issac Clarke is a delightful idea. I definitely wouln’t want to get “maintenanced” by that last guy, though… 😉

    As for quintessential kits, I’d say you are already right on track with the Genestealer cultists. Apart from that, it really depends on which way you are planning to go with your next models: Empire Flagellants are great for all the tidbits and the dishelveled intinerant priest look, if you are that way inclined. Chaos cultists still work great as bread and butter hivers and gangers. The Skitarii kits are really cool as well. All things considered, maybe the new Orlock gang would be your best bet, as it gives you a very broadly useful toolkit for all kinds of characters. Tempestus Scions are great for Inquisitorial characters, though, so that kit would be a good purchase in any case.

    Would love to see more INQ28 from you! Keep up the great work!



    1. Thanks for your kind words!

      We must be on a similar wavelength because I’ve got each of those kits you listed (and not much else), and I just ordered some Orlocks today!

      I really enjoyed doing these guys, so I’m definitely game for doing some more Inq28 in the future. I feel like I need to work to a brief though, so if you see any more invitationals or similar then lemme know. I’d love to join in with more things like this.


      1. I’ve lurked on that forum in the past and it has some great stuff on it, but I struggle with forums in general. I’ll try to check in more regularly though!


  2. I love these! I also follow Inq28 and Blanchitsu pretty closely and I am in love with it. Sadly nobody around my parts seems to be. One day though I’ll probably do some up!

    I know the Flagellant kit from fantasy is a big go to for these as well if you are looking for more kits to steal from.

    Did you use stuff from the FW Solar Aux kits?



    1. Thanks, Eric. Yeah I’m in the same boat. We’re into Necro and stuff over here, but we’ve never really felt the pull of Inq28, so these internet collaborative events are a great way to get involved.

      I was able to dig out some flagellant bits yeah. It seems to be a popular kit alright.

      I had a solitary Solar Auxillia Rapier crewman in my bits box, yes, and he was mercilessly hacked apart for spare parts! I’d love to get some of the Solar Aux lasgunners, but they’re quite an investment!


  3. You sure this is your first dip into the Inq28 waters? These are simply excellent – definitely an area you should be exploring more. Where does the second guy’s head come from by the way – I’ve been trying to identify it without success.

    Completely agree with you on the challenge of making models that aren’t armed to the teeth. Hopefully in time the growth of Necromunda will make civilians easier to convert though.


    1. Ha, thanks! Yeah I’ve kinda lurked around the fringes of Inq28 for a few years, and while I’ve never had the drive to build, I like to think I’ve got an understanding of its defining elements. It’s definitely given me the urge to do some more though.

      On the top photo, from left to right, the heads are FW Cadian Hardened Veteran, a Flagellant with the hair trimmed off, Valkyrie door gunner, and a second head from those Hardened Veterans.

      I’m watching Necro very closely. It’s my favourite GW game, so it’s very exciting to see all the new stuff coming out for it. These guys were inspired, at least in concept, by the hangers-on that they’ve been introducing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That head is a Valkyrie door gunner. Although now that he’s been sitting on my desk for a few days it’s kinda grown on me, I might leave it as is.


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