Brute force

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off my second unit of Brutes. And here they are, in all their green glory! So, what’s next for my Ironjawz? Ardboys. Lots of Ardboys. I’m looking forward to building and painting them, and hopeful that I can get the majority of them done pretty […]

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Vine and dandy

Afternoon, folks! I diverged a bit from my intentions at the end of last week, surprise surprise. I got the Kurnoth Hunters finished off as promised, but instead of getting my 40k civvies done (which time is really running short on), I got distracted messing about with scenery instead. I spent the weekend trying to […]

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Lizard on a chair

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been basecoating and washing my second unit of Brutes. I started painting them over the weekend (while my girlfriend painted some of her Rubricae), and did a bit more work on them last night. I’m pleased with how they’re looking so far, and how quickly I seem […]

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Charge of the smite brigade…

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Ross’s latest offering – the Kurnoth Hunters – in the flesh (wood? plastic?). I also got to meet Aaron’s Ironjaws. Add to this Colin’s prodigious output of greenskins, and I suddenly realise: I’m pretty heavily outgunned. My single miniature, and her accompanying feathered bodyguards, are fine for […]

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With fronds like these…

I didn’t have as much hobby time this week as I usually do, so while I was hoping to get my Kurnoth Hunters polished off, I’ll have to settle for 80% done. That last 20% is all the detail work though, so it’s still a good few hours work. I’ll hopefully get them finished over […]

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Get to the (Brute) Choppa!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off my Brutes. Well, that’s a lie. I spent a little bit of time finishing off my Brutes, but I’ve mostly been too busy to do any more hobbying. I’m glad that they’re out of the way though, as they make up my necessary 1 […]

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I Didn’t Die!

Look at how low-res Duncan is, right there. Anyway, I got my blood test results back, and then I had to do more tests, and then I got those results back, too. And the endgame from all those results? The thrilling conclusion? Basically nothing. Or, as my doctor phrased it, “not much of anything.”  I […]

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None shall pass!

Hail, and well met. This week I’ve been utterly blown away by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites! Although I’ve managed to get my skirmish warband completed I didn’t want to rest on my laurels, and Ross’s Dark AoS/Inq 28 dabbling really put me in the mood to work on something to enhance the narrative […]

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A Week of WIPs

I’ve been all over the place this week, hobby wise, so the pictures aren’t too interesting I’m afraid. I was planning to get the crew I built last week completely painted up, until I realised that somehow I’ve got by all this time without any metallic colours except the golds. Particularly frustrating seeing as I’d […]

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Son of a batch!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been batch painting Brutes. After last week’s thought of painting my Brutes in batches of two or three models, I decided to just dive in and finish the four of them in my first unit (the one with Brute Choppas). I’ve only managed to sit down to […]

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