Son of a batch!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been batch painting Brutes.

After last week’s thought of painting my Brutes in batches of two or three models, I decided to just dive in and finish the four of them in my first unit (the one with Brute Choppas). I’ve only managed to sit down to paint for a couple of evenings this week, but I’ve just about managed to get them all basecoated and washed.

Brutes (WIP 2)

Hopefully I’ll be able to get them drybrushed and finished this weekend – and then I can start on my second unit (the one with Jagged Gore-hackas)! I’ll probably paint those as a batch of two and a batch of three though.

Now that I’ve nearly got a few units painted, it’s really motivating me to get the rest done. I can’t remember where I picked up this particular piece of advice (possibly White Dwarf), but I read somewhere the having a ton of unpainted models constantly on display can be demoralising; whereas having your painted models on display is a good motivator (as well as being handy for reference).

As a result, I’ve got Dim and Ironskull’s Boyz sat on the speakers in my kitchen – where I do my painting – to cheer me on as I paint up their mates.

In other news: it’s bloody freezing! There’s far too much wind and snow to get any kind of spraying done around here, so I just need to crack on with finishing my already assembled/undercoated Brutes…

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