A Week of WIPs

I’ve been all over the place this week, hobby wise, so the pictures aren’t too interesting I’m afraid. I was planning to get the crew I built last week completely painted up, until I realised that somehow I’ve got by all this time without any metallic colours except the golds. Particularly frustrating seeing as I’d put in a big GW order two days prior! My backup plan was to paint my Treelord, but one empty can of white spray paint put paid to that idea!

So with those plans out the window, I had a look around for what else I could keep myself busy with. I painted as far as I could on three of the 40k civilians to start with. I’m still waiting to get my hands on some bits for the fourth, and I didn’t want to get stuck into too many of the details until I had the main colours blocked out as I’m quite a messy painter. So it’s really just the fabrics done at the moment, and I’m not even sure about those. Pictures of half-painted models never look great, so this is the best I can do for now! Black undercoats, thrilling stuff!


Next up I got stuck into building the two boxes of Tree Revenants I currently have. As I’d used one of the bodies to make my Branchwych I was going to have to build them as a unit of nine. Not that I’m thinking too much about large-scale gaming at this stage, but most of the Sylvaneth army lists I’ve seen out there use two small units of Revenants, so I might eventually get another box and split them up into two medium sized groups. That’s a ways off though. I don’t think I’ll paint these guys for a while yet. I need to get at least one Kurnoth Hunter done for my Skirmish warband, and then I want to get my Treelord painted up so I’ll have the Start Collecting! force done for Paths to Glory.


Once I had those fellas done I got into my Orlocks. I spliced them with some arms and weapons from the Genestealer Cultists to vary their gear, but even on its own its a great kit. The only criticism I’d have is that the sockets for the arms are very deep so you have to fill them up with greenstuff if you want to change the angle or use another kit’s arms, and the neck sockets are very shallow, so if you want to use a different head on the Orlocks you’ll have to hack off the neck, or if you want to use the Orlock heads elsewhere  you’ll need to greenstuff the necks in. They’re pretty chunky all round, but not so much that the GSC arms look out of place. I’ve still got a Champion to build cause I’m trying to figure out how to make a second grenade launcher. I’m thinking of maybe adding an underslung one to the autogun with the foregrip, but I need to find the right parts to do it.


For those interested in my gang list building, I’ve went for grenade launchers for both my champions because I’m not too keen on the harpoon launcher, and the heavy stubber is kinda overkill in the mostly Zone Mortalis games we’ll be playing. I’d love to take a plasma gun but it’s not an option at the moment, and the Orlocks don’t have much in the way of CC weapon options or stats/skills in their new incarnation. Once the resin upgrade pack comes out I’ll pick up a second gang box and build all sorts of different options. The rest of the gang is pretty balanced, with two autopistols + knives, two autoguns, two combat shotguns, and two regular shotguns. The leader got a servo claw just cause it looks cool as hell. I don’t plan for him to get too close to use it that often. You never know though…


If you’re wondering how you use a pump-action shotgun with a power fist, the answer is “very carefully”.

And finally, I dug this old gem out of my bits box. The Mordheim Beasthunter.


It’s such a good model that it’d be a shame not to use it, and it’s one of the few human models from the Old World that doesn’t look out of place in AoS. I pulled off his square base and dug out a nice round one for him, and I had to hack off a lot of caked-on superglue around his hands. The paint job is pretty ancient too, so I might just strip him and give him a brand new one.

I think I’ll use him in my Skirmish warband. I’ve been reading Warboss Kurgan’s Skirmish battle reports this week, and it’s got me thinking about how our own games are going to play out, specifically on the narrative side. I think I’m going to use this Beasthunter as the point-of-view for my warband. He’ll be the human narrator alongside the giant ethereal tree creatures who for some reason haven’t killed him yet. I have to work out the specific details of his background, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Gameplay-wise, I think I’ll count him as a Fyreslayer Vulkite Berserker. The equipment matches up pretty much exactly, and the special rules are a pretty good fit too.

Next week I’ll be back to the Sylvaneth proper, puns and all, provided I can get my hands on some white spray, and this flipping weather warms up enough to get outside!


5 thoughts on “A Week of WIPs

    1. Funnily enough, last week’s work felt more fulfilling, even though it was just four guys. I guess because kit bashing is more personal, whereas just building things to the instructions is more mechanical.

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