Charge of the smite brigade…

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Ross’s latest offering – the Kurnoth Hunters – in the flesh (wood? plastic?). I also got to meet Aaron’s Ironjaws. Add to this Colin’s prodigious output of greenskins, and I suddenly realise: I’m pretty heavily outgunned.

My single miniature, and her accompanying feathered bodyguards, are fine for our initial skirmish level games, but pretty soon thereafter we’ll inevitably want to escalate. If I’m to have any chance against the lumbering hordes arrayed against me I’m going to need something with a bit of heavy-hitting power, and so this week’s efforts have been directed towards all things Gryph-Charger-y.


The Pallador and Aquilor models were a turning point for me, in terms of the Stormcast model line, and even in terms of AoS in general. The Aquilor in particular is such a good sculpt, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the reason I’m even working on Stormcast. My only hope is that I can do it justice!

I also have a misgiving, however. I seldom paint a ‘stock’ miniature, without at least some degree of conversion or kitbashing. The Gryph-chargers are beatiful minis, but I’m struggling to decide whether to build them as guided, or to adjust them into something more personalised.

As they stand, the mounts themselves are almost ready for undercoating, and before this week is out I’ll decide if I can bring myself to carve them up…


I’ve always been more at home converting miniatures than painting them. Converting miniatures is one of my favourite aspects of the hobby; looking for ways to take a model in a new direction that makes it unique. This blog, and my current hobby goal, is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things. While I didn’t really mind leaving the aetherwings unaltered, it’s harder to avoid the temptation to play around with such large miniatures, which are so eye catching on the tabletop.

All I do know, is that I need to get a move on. Given all these Orruks and over-fertilized tree folk, I need some heavy cavalry fast!


For those keeping tabs on my previous posts, I’ve made some further progress on my Realmgate. Though most of it is unremarkable (like adding plasticard to create ‘blocks’ on the gate itself), I did also begin some detailing. I’m hoping when textured and weathered such details will be quite subtle, but the busts on the gate – one male, one female – should hopefully juxtapose the guardian conversions to give some more little features for the observant to notice…



For now, I’m staring at a week of greenstuff work and detailing, but hopefully by next week’s post I should be just about ready to lay down some paint on the cavalry and the gate…



10 thoughts on “Charge of the smite brigade…

  1. Love the link between the busts and the guardians. Thematically there’s so much going on there, with the gate and the guardians basically built for / from each other. Would be even more impressive if you somehow found a way to alter the gryphon statues to have male/female cues.

    To use the example of Chinese lion statues again – whenever depicted as a pair, the “male” lion is always posed with a paw over a globe or a ball (symbolising dominance) whereas the “female” lion is posed with a paw over a lion cub on its back (growth and nurturing). It’s a little symbolic detail that brings the mythology behind them to life.

    About the gryph-chargers – I 100% empathise with the instinctual need to want to convert or kitbash a model. The first time assembling a new kit, I tend to simply follow instructions to get familiar with it and understand how it all comes together – and I might do some simple head / arm / weapon swaps so they’re not exactly like the box art. The second time around, I start re-posing and greenstuffing things around. Would throw in a vote for finishing your current chargers with some minor kitbashing of the riders rather than chopping anything up. You’ve got to catch up!

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    1. I concur, WSP – some rudimentary kitbashing will be the order of the day…for the first three. *grin*

      That’s also a really tasty idea regarding ‘gendering’ the Gryphon statues, and something I’ll muse on further…


  2. With that title, I was really hoping for a mounted psyker army from 40k. Still, gryph-chargers – I’ll take it.


  3. The Realmgate is coming along nicely! The attention to detail on the kitbashing is excellent, I like how you’ve used spare SE on the kitbash Realmgate. 🙂

    If your interested for more inspiration for your SE Skirmish warband, I’ve recently posted a new post on my Knights Excelsior warband. I have a link here if your interested!

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