Lizard on a chair

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been basecoating and washing my second unit of Brutes.

Brutes 2 (WIP)

I started painting them over the weekend (while my girlfriend painted some of her Rubricae), and did a bit more work on them last night. I’m pleased with how they’re looking so far, and how quickly I seem to have gotten them to this point. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going when I start my Ardboys, as they’re smaller, more armoured (hooray for spray undercoat!), and I’ve painted them before (when I converted some into Flash Gitz for my Deathskulls army many moons ago). The plan is to paint them 4-5 at a time, and get all 30 of them done over a couple of months.

Whilst painting this unit of Brutes I tweaked my painting order a little bit by tackling the messier bits first (to help reduce re-work). I always keep a written copy of the colours used for my armies handy (my recipe), and I also make notes on it as I go along if anything changes. A scrap of paper or a small notebook would also do the job, and having an easy access reminder of things reduces the disruption of either having to think back to what you did or hunting for wherever you’d recorded it.

It also means that if I suddenly decide to paint something different then I can carry on where I left off. I’ve still got plenty of 40k Orks to paint, so when we focus back on 40k I should be able to churn through those like I used to. I want to finish off my Bad Moons, get my Evil Sunz up to a decent size, and then fill in some of the gaps in my Deathskulls. Not to mention starting Goffs and Blood Axes; and I’m pretty sure that I can count my Ironjawz as Snakebites if I ask the guys nicely…

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