Vine and Dandy

Afternoon, folks!

I diverged a bit from my intentions at the end of last week, surprise surprise. I got the Kurnoth Hunters finished off as promised, but instead of getting my 40k civvies done (which time is really running short on), I got distracted messing about with scenery instead.


I spent the weekend trying to blend the swords and bows. I did them the same way that I did the skin on the Branchwych (I think), but that was very much a lucky accident. I don’t normally write down my painting recipes (only because I couldn’t be arsed) so my method of working out how I’ve painted something previously is just to start on the model I like least and either get lucky on the first try or trial-and-error my way back to what I did before.

The top limbs of the bows are overexposed; they’re not that white irl.

I got lucky with the blending this time, although some of the shades and line highlights are a bit dodgy, but I was going for speed over accuracy with this bunch, so I think I hit a happy medium. The bases were looking quite bare until I static grassed them, and it gets them closer to the greens of the board and the other guys’ models, so I’ll have to go back and do the same to the Dryads.

One of these two will be in my Skirmish warband. It was going to be sword-guy originally, but after I read the stats for Orruk Brutes I’m now strongly considering a long-ranged approach. Those giant orky axes aren’t good for my delicate wooden limbs.

I’ve been absorbing the scenery waves radiating from Mark’s posts, so I took a couple of evenings and fired together two little experimental pieces.


I had no real concept for these starting out, so they’re not really meant to be anything. Maybe they’re shrines that the people who live in the forest visit to leave offerings to the Sylvaneth who protect/choose not to exterminate them. They don’t even have any defining AoSey features, and some of the bits like the string thing look proper dodgy (cause I had to cake it in superglue to get it to stay) so they might just get chucked in the experiments box.


One thing I did want to do with these was play around with foam flocks. I stick foam flocks all over my Bolt Action stuff, but I’ve not had the nerve to use it on any of my Gee Dubs models, so I used this as a trial run for a quick moss/ivy effect. I think it turned out ok, but I’ll probably use some fine turf instead of the coarse and clump foliage I used on these things. I’d like to try it on my Tree Lord, and I might have a play around with trying to make some flowers or something as well. Ghur is supposed to be a bit (read: much) wilder than Ghyran, so I still want my forest to be more Mirkwood/Fangorn than Lothlorien, so if I was to do more to these scenery bits I’d probably add some twisted branches and some more moss and ivy, maybe some more washes to stain the stone.

I might do some more scenery before I paint more models and see if I can get the look closer to what I’m after. Still need to pick up some Sylvaneth Wildwoods as well, so I might try and work those in somehow. So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.


~ Ross


16 thoughts on “Vine and Dandy

  1. Hey Ross, thought I’d leaf you another comment (*snigger*) 😉

    The swords and bows are looking wonderful! They also perfectly contrast with the barky and textured tree people wielding them. Also, I’ve never noticed this before, but look at the smug grins those Kurnoth Hunters are wearing!

    The terrain pieces are looking great as well, although something seemed a little off about them. After giving it a bit of thought, I realised that if you were to add just one or two leftover branches from Dryads or Kurnoth Hunters, that would tie them in with your actual army, as they would feature some common visual elements with the actual models.

    You could even build an entire branch office that way.

    Alright, alright, I’m leaving. Just let me say that I am really looking forward to seeing those 40k civilians finished!

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    1. You’re a punny guy.

      Yeah those Kurnoth are pretty smug gits alright. A tad overconfident too, I’d wager, if those Ironjaws get their hands on them. I was actually going to green stuff over the sides of the mouths, but then I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Agree with you about the terrain. They were really just a bit of mucking about, but yeah if I did them “properly” I’d try and fit a lot more bits on them to give them some more character.

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      1. Don’t worry about the smirks… their bark is worse than their bite.

        (and on that flowery pun, have you got a recipe for using Agrellan Earth to create that bark effect? Would love to try it!)

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      2. Nice.

        Bark’s as easy as pie. White spray undercoat, then slap on the Agrax same as you would on a base. The thicker it is, the further apart the cracks. Then just paint it how you paint the rest of the wood. I do mine with Baneblade Brown, Agrax Earthshade all over, random patches of Biel-Tan Green and Biel-Tan/Agrax 50/50, and Karak Stone line highlights where needed.


  2. I’ll skip the puns. I’m not sure there’s room for any more! The Kurnoths look amazing, really very well done on them here. The scenery elements look great as well. They don’t need to be perfect, and they’re certainly good enough to see the tabletop, so I certainly wouldn’t toss them.

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  3. Your Sylvaneth look way more realistic than GW’s, ever considered joining Eav’y metal team or entering Golden Daemon? 😊

    I don’t suppose you’ve tried water effects before?

    Is Pun Heresy upon us? It would be ‘bark’-tastic if there is one! (I know, my puns are disgrace to humanity)

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    1. Ha, I’m a long way from ‘EM standard, I fear, and I’m not really bothered about entering competitions, but thanks all the same!

      Haven’t done much in the way of water effects, no. Why do you ask?

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      1. You never know, it could be EM quality with the amount work put into the models. But I respect your decision. 🙂

        I was just curious if you’ve ever tried the effect before. I remembered when GW used to sell water effect (paint or liquid stuff?) which can be used to create realistic water effects or even slime.


      2. Yeah I’ve seen a lot of people use water effects for bases and things, so it’s something I’ve been meaning to try out. I’ll get around to it eventually I’m sure. There are plenty of alternative products out there.


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