Brute force

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off my second unit of Brutes.

And here they are, in all their green glory!

Brute Unit 2

So, what’s next for my Ironjawz? Ardboys. Lots of Ardboys.

I’m looking forward to building and painting them, and hopeful that I can get the majority of them done pretty quickly thanks to their heavily armoured (mostly sprayed) composition. They’re smaller than the Brutes as well, but they’ve still got 2 wounds in game – which is rather good for your ‘bog standard’ infantry unit. It should make them a solid choice in Skirmish games, but they’re still cheap enough to take multiples of.

I’ve really enjoyed painting all of the Brutes, and love the models. I think it’d be cool if they brought out a secondary Brute kit with some oversized crossbows (like the Flash Gitz and their Snazzguns), or some oversized shields (like the Ogryns and their Slab Shields). Stormcast Eternals have got several similar kits, so there’s a slim hope that the Ironjawz could get bolstered somewhere down the line.

A Gore-Grunta chariot wouldn’t go amiss either…

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