Gate expectations…

Hail, and well met.


First things first. Much like Aaron, I Didn’t Die!

Between an avalanche of work and real life commitments, I’ve had a bit of a paucity of time to spend on humble hobby pursuits. To make matters worse, what time I have had was spent in the most labour intensive way.


Allow me to elaborate. You may recall, over several posts, I’ve been increasingly distracted from reinforcing my lone Venator by the notion of making a themed realmgate.

Courtesy of input from several commenters on the blog it seemed like the most sensible thing in the world to press on with the realmgate, and try and get it finished.

I’ve mentioned before how I get frustrated with projects in progress, and sometimes need to take a step back, and learn to accept them even when imperfect. But the past couple of weeks have been consumed by another hobby phenomenon – project myopia; when you can’t step back from your vision of a project even when it’s generating waaay more effort than you should waste on it.

Case in point.

Take 18 cork coasters from Ikea.


Tùrn circles into squares.

Having achieved this glorious task, I proceeded to form the steps leading to my realmgate.

‘Hmmmm’, I thought.

‘I can do better than this’, I mused.

Several days, sheets of varying thicknesses of plasticard, and superglued digits later, and I had the beginnings of what I’d envisaged.


Masochism takes many forms.



Still a fair bit to do, but it’s starting to feel like it’s approaching the finishing line. The photo has bleached out the detailing on the gate itself; having seen the new Azyrite ruins I’ve added some brickwork, column bases and Azyr themed elements, and plan to add some more before the gate is done. The cork visible will eventually be fully ’tiled’, and I’m toying with the idea of adding some kind of bas-relief on the area behind the altar, depicting some Stormcast victory.

Like this, only somehow related to AoS…

The gate will also be getting several lightning bolts – Realmgates just aren’t ‘right’ without some magical effects emanating from them…

We’ve also started planning for our first battles, and some interesting upcoming projects to challenge ourselves, while fleshing out our campaign setting. Time to up my game…


8 thoughts on “Gate expectations…

  1. That’s looking awesome!!

    That tilework is looking incredible. Can’t imagine how long that would have taken you to do. A bas relief could be really cool – I imagine it depicting something related to how the realmgate works, or some sort of instruction on how to activate it via the altar? “Speak friend and enter”?

    Never having scratchbuilt terrain like this it’ll be interesting to see how you’re planning to texturise the realmgate itself. And finally – have you tried swapping the position of your guardian gryphons and your stormcast? I think it might be how the wings clip with the gate itself, although where and how you’ve placed them all seems perfectly logical so it’s hard to put a finger on it.

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    1. Cheers WSP – I’m torn on moving the Gryphons, as I also want the gate to work ‘in the round’, rather than just from the front, so I want some profile of them to be evident from the front and back.
      Texture-wise, I’m planning to experiment with some Earth/Ground texture paints, and possibly even some white stucco – that said, I’ll also be chatting to my fellow Aaronoriumites, as I feel it’s important that my gate doesn’t look too disparate from everyone else’s bases/existing terrain…I’ve picked up some of the new (and rather awesome) Azyrite ruins, so I may experiment on those first!


  2. If it’s any consolation to you, that is one mighty fine looking realmgate, though. Love the sentinels placed to either side of it in the mockup as well — those hooded heads work really well with the stock models.

    Any plans for a possible colour scheme yet?

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    1. Hey Krautscientist – Many thanks!
      Indeed I do – as Aaron mentioned waaaay back in an earlier post ( ) the majority of our terrain will have a rather subdued, sandstone colour, with bronze counterpoints. I’ll also likely factor in some of the new bracken/vines here and there, and may even get creative with a little OSL experimentation in the actual interior of the gate…

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      1. A weathered sandstone sounds like a really cool twist from the usual granite that people paint buildings in. Just an opinion of course, but I don’t think you should feel shy about painting your realmgate in a slightly different way to other structures – if you’re thinking an ancient, almost antediluvian structure it might have even stood there at a time when the surrounding terrain was very, very different. That mayan temple in Aaron’s post, or even an image of Angkor Wat where bright stone has just been covered in centuries of water, dirt and grown-over jungle foliage could be cool influences. Lustrian Undergrowth and Stirland Mud plus the bracken / vine kits could be a nice texture choice.

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      2. I’m torn between the ‘centrepiece’ feel of the gate, and the narrative urge to keep it in line with all the other buildings, implying the region was once covered in a city or complex…


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