Lincoln on a bear

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been plotting my next steps…

We’re halfway through our ‘six months of Sigmar’ now, so I figured that it was a good time to reflect upon how things have gone and what I’ve achieved to date.

Ironjawz 1

I’ve painted a grand total of 15 Ironjawz for my Destruction army so far, which comes to just over 500 points. My average output over the past few years has been around 5-6 models (on 25mm bases) per week, so even though most of my Ironjawz have been bigger (on 40mm bases) I’m still quite a way short of where I could be. I’m pleased with how they look though, and it’s more than enough for some Skirmish games and smaller battles (which we’ve already started planning). Hopefully moving onto regular Ardboys will improve my productivity somewhat (as will my Moonclan when I get around to them!).

I’ve also assembled a few Death Guard over the past three months (5 Blightlords and 3 Myphitic Blight-Haulers). I’ve only got 20 Death Guard left to paint for my (slightly over) 2k army. The bad news is that they’re mostly bigger/fiddlier models (the Lord and Blightbringer from Dark Imperium, 3 Deathshroud and 7 Plague Marines in addition to the above). I haven’t really enjoyed painting all of the detail on the ones that I’ve painted so far, so I think the thought of bigger models with more detail is putting me off. I’ll get them finished at some point though.

I’m hoping to spend a bit of time over the imminent Easter Bank Holidays getting things built and sprayed (weather permitting) ready for the next phase of my army. I’ve got 30 Ardboys and a Warchanter to do first, and then I’ll just have 6 Gore-gruntas and a Megaboss left for later. After being inspired by the lovely terrain of Ross and Mark, I also want to make a start on a Realmgate of my own, and I’ve got ideas (and supplies) for some other terrain too – so wish me luck!

If I can get things finished in time, I might even be able to post things over; instead of filling my travel bag with toy soldiers and getting funny looks from airport security…

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