Colonial Latrines

I finally got them finished. Between a repaint half way through, and a bunch of other projects and commitments, it took me a lot longer to paint these guys than I thought it would, but here they are, at last.


Pretty chuffed with how they turned out, all in all. I had to compromise in some areas just to get them finished in time, so there are parts I’d still do some work on, like the bases, but I’ll leave them as they are.

They turned out a bit more colourful than I was intending. I was originally going for an Alien spacesuit vibe, but they came out way too saturated.


And speaking of the Alien suits, I’ve just realised that I completely forgot to apply the Nihilak Oxide. The whole reason that I had to repaint them in the first place was that I laid the Oxide on far too heavily first time round.

They came out a bit cleaner than I had in mind too, but I’m too scared to go and dirty them up now. I still like them, but it’ll be interesting to see how they look on Wilhelm’s very grim and grimy table.

Here are some close-ups, for your viewing pleasure. (Click to embiggen.)

I left the flesh to last on these guys, and I realised two things 1) It’s very hard to paint flesh when the only colour you have is the old Tallarn Flesh foundation paint. That’s what I get for painting Tau and treemen for so long. And 2) I am waaay out of practice painting faces. Blue-guy’s eyes are huge, and those FW heads are super detailed. I love them, but the details are very hard to get to when you’ve painted everything else already.

Here’s a final little reverse shot of some of the details on their backs. Peg-leg keeps his own leg bones tied to his belt for good luck, because that’s just how you roll in the Imperium.


So off they go, into the depths of the Nestorian Infestation, ready to clean some toilets and change some lightbulbs and try not to get ripped apart by genestealers. All in a day’s work. Now just to get them boxed up and shipped over to BBRS. Deadline was Easter, so hopefully I’m still in time.

Coming up next, I’m hoping to take a bit of a break over Easter and play a shameful amount of video games, but also throw some paint on my AoS beast hunter as the last member of my Skirmish warband. He’s been soaking in stripper for a while but it doesn’t seem to have done much work, so I’m guessing I gave him a good varnishing at one point. Might have to scrape the paint off manually, which I’m most certainly not looking forward to…


~ Ross

12 thoughts on “Colonial Latrines

  1. Ross, these are absolutely glorious! I agree that they do seem a little colourful at first (the guy in red, in particular, looks positively fabulous), but given the sheer quality of the paintjobs, it’s hard to be upset about that — plus the colours do give them a nice Confrontation (as in: the proto-Necromunda) vibe that’s actually a strength, rather than a disadvantage!

    To build something for the INQ28 setting for the first time and hit it right out of the park right away…NUTS! Now think what you could accomplish if you actually focused on characters that aren’t just bit parts 😉

    Anyway, sterling work! 🙂

    Oh, and extra kudos for one of the best punny titles so far 😉

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  2. Those are excellent – really unusual to see something so clearly “grim dark” and which very much belongs to the Inq28 aesthetic, but which also incorporates bright, clean paintjobs.

    Liked by 1 person

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