I Didn’t Die!

Look at how low-res Duncan is, right there. Anyway, I got my blood test results back, and then I had to do more tests, and then I got those results back, too. And the endgame from all those results? The thrilling conclusion? Basically nothing. Or, as my doctor phrased it, “not much of anything.”  I […]

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None shall pass!

Hail, and well met. This week I’ve been utterly blown away by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites! Although I’ve managed to get my skirmish warband completed I didn’t want to rest on my laurels, and Ross’s Dark AoS/Inq 28 dabbling really put me in the mood to work on something to enhance the narrative […]

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A Week of WIPs

I’ve been all over the place this week, hobby wise, so the pictures aren’t too interesting I’m afraid. I was planning to get the crew I built last week completely painted up, until I realised that somehow I’ve got by all this time without any metallic colours except the golds. Particularly frustrating seeing as I’d […]

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Son of a batch!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been batch painting Brutes. After last week’s thought of painting my Brutes in batches of two or three models, I decided to just dive in and finish the four of them in my first unit (the one with Brute Choppas). I’ve only managed to sit down to […]

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