Orlocks Part 2: Painting Guide

Another three Orlocks polished off this week! I had to move a bit quicker with these guys than the first three so I’m not quite as happy as last week’s bunch, and they seem to have come out a bit darker overall as well. Maybe it’s because I didn’t use as much white on these […]

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Twirling. Always twirling.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting Gobbos. I managed to complete the challenge that I set myself last week, and got all of my Gobbos painted in time for this week. Admittedly, they’re only small models; but models are models. In game, they’ve got some pretty decent rules for such weedy […]

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Were’s your head at?…

Hail, and well met… Progress once more! My Skin Wolves arrived from Forgeworld, and while they enjoy a warm, soapy bath to remove their release agent I’ve been working on their Alpha… While I love the aesthetic of the Skin Wolves, I fancied creating a pack leader who followed the classic werewolf archetype, while still […]

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The House of Orlock Rises

The first three of my precious Orlocks stand ready to go to war! I feel like I really turned a corner with my painting. If you’ve been following along, I was complaining last week about my inability to paint metal. Well it seems like I figured out the secret, cause it turned out way better […]

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King Ognob!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Gobbos (or Grots, as I should be calling them now). I mentioned King Ognob in my lore post last week, but he’s more than just a background character – he’s real! My girlfriend earned all of the cool girlfriend points at Christmas by surprising me […]

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Arthos of Carnhold, Beast Hunter

~ The tracks in the dark mud were fresh and deep, but a child could have followed the trail the orruk had left, such was the havoc the monster had caused in its rambling course through the forest. Shorn branches and trampled undergrowth lay scattered in its wake. It was obviously lost, for it had […]

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I am the lore!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been making the lore, making the lore! I still need to get some spray before making a start on my Realmgates, so I’ve put pen to paper and come up with some lore for my two main factions. Da Beast Boyz warclan: Snikchop is something of an […]

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Cry ‘Havoc!’…

Hail, and well met! I’ve decided not to bore you with yet another WIP post about my Realmgate, guardians, Palladors or Aquilor. Take my word for it, they’re getting there. But we have a deadline, a planned meet-up to pit our collected Blog-spawned forces against one another in the Aaronorium. That looming date has given me […]

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Easter Break

Not much in the way of content from me this week folks, on account of me being a bit broken, like the earthbound eggy edgelord above*. I was planning on getting some work started on my Beast Hunter, but Nurgle’s gifts abounded and a dream-team triple-threat match-up of acute food poisoning, flu, and an annoying […]

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Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been looting Realmgates. As planned, I spent some time over the Easter Bank Holidays building terrain. I bought a pair of Realmgates and dedicated one each to what will be my two main factions: Ironjawz and Moonclan Grots. The Realmgates themselves were very easy to put together, […]

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