Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been looting Realmgates.

As planned, I spent some time over the Easter Bank Holidays building terrain. I bought a pair of Realmgates and dedicated one each to what will be my two main factions: Ironjawz and Moonclan Grots. The Realmgates themselves were very easy to put together, and I think they’re great little terrain pieces.

Realmgates (WIP)

The main addition to the Ironjawz one was the Boss Plate from a Stompa (with a corner snipped off to fit). It’s also got some Ardboy shields, an Ardboy banner top, some Ork Trukk glyphs, and a skull marker from the old Battle for Skull Pass starter set.

Realmgate - Ironjawz (WIP)

The main addition to the Moonclan one was the Idol of Mork from the old Battle for Skull Pass starter set. It’s also got some Stompa glyphs, some moon icons (also from Skull Pass), some Ork Trukk Wrecker Balls and some mushrooms and stalagmites from the Age of Sigmar Large Base Detail Kit and the Grot Fanatics sprue.

Realmgate - Moonclan (WIP)

Hopefully they’ll be as fun/quick to paint as they were to build. I’ll be going for sandstone ruins as per Aaron’s Ophidian Archway, and the same kind of ethereal green Waaagh! energy/magic effect that I used on Dim the Enchanter.

Now, I just need to find some bigger brushes…

2 thoughts on “Realmgate-gate

  1. Very Orky, da greenskinz will love it! All it needs now is a little bit of waaaaaaaaaggghhh!!!! Juice* and it’ll be running in no time!

    (* sacrificing a lot of goblins, especially them sneaky backstabbing Nightgoblins will appease Gork and Mork, or was it Mork and Gork?)

    It’s interesting to see how you and Thegrimdocness have built your own realmgates, you both have done an amazing job with kitbashing your own realmgates! I’m looking forward to seeing the scenery painting progress. 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic work! 🙂

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