I am the lore!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been making the lore, making the lore!

I still need to get some spray before making a start on my Realmgates, so I’ve put pen to paper and come up with some lore for my two main factions.

Da Beast Boyz warclan:
Snikchop is something of an irregularity when it comes to Orruks. He has ambition. With the recent death of a godbeast in the area, its spilt blood has tainted the landscape – making beasts bigger and even more agressive. Snikchop wants to strike while the pig-iron is hot, and hunt down the largest beasts that Ghur has to offer, adding them to his ever growing living arsenal. Some say that he hopes to find a godblood enlarged specimen to rival even the mighty Gordrakk’s mount, Bigteef.

When they’re not fighting beasts or enemies (or amongst themselves), Da Beast Boyz put their choppas to work on the forests of Ghur; much to the dismay of the local Sylvaneth. They clear vast swathes of woodland to stockpile timber for use in building increasingly large pens to house their captive beasts. These pig-pens (as they are known) are also home to the copious sounders of gore-gruntas kept by the warclan; themselves further testament to Snikchop’s uncharacteristic planning abilities. At his request, Da Beast Boyz drag the corpses of any Stormcast, Kharadron or other suitably armoured foes back to the pig-pens, and ‘Feed ’em to da pigs!’, to replenish their pig-iron supplies.


The Brotherhood of Ognob tribe:
King Ognob is the Colossal Squig worshipped by The Brotherhood of Ognob; so named due to the crown shaped piece of metal embedded in his skull. For some reason, King Ognob seems to not only tolerate the presence of his numerous minions – but he is also incredibly protective of them too. This is quite possibly due to the fact that The Brotherhood of Ognob wear purple robes in tribute to their ruler. To the massive monarch’s diminutive brain, it may well appear that these small purple creatures are his children.

Ognob has a tendency to bob up and down excitedly whenever he spies something shiny, and more often than not will give chase. This is of great benefit when the Brotherhood come under attack, as having a giant, angry mouth on legs charging towards you will make most enemies re-think their decision. He’s also used as the ‘muscle’ of the clan when bargaining with the Ironjawz of the region, who wisely give Ognob a wide berth and tend not to use the intimidation tactics that they might otherwise employ were they just dealing with Grots.


Now that I’ve fleshed things out a bit, it’s really got me in the mood to paint some Moonclan Grots. At least, with them being pint-sized, they should be much quicker to paint than Orruks…

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