King Ognob!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Gobbos (or Grots, as I should be calling them now).

I mentioned King Ognob in my lore post last week, but he’s more than just a background character – he’s real! My girlfriend earned all of the cool girlfriend points at Christmas by surprising me with a Colossal Squig. As a long-term greenskin player, I love squigs, so receiving this big fella was incredibly cool. As stated, he’s been named Ognob, and my Moonclan Grots will worship him as their king – so he’ll be King Ognob!


Ognob (WIP)
Don’t you see the crown?

I’ve decided that as my Moonclan Grot will wear purple robes, King Ognob (and any other squigs and non-Orruks/Grots in my army) will be purple. That way, the colour of my Moonclan Grots’ robes will be in tribute to King Ognob. It should make a nice change from the traditional red squigs and green squiggoths usually seen in official publications.


I let him have a soak in a bath (which he enjoyed), and cleaned him up between Christmas and New Year. It felt weird brushing his teef with an old toothbrush, as they’re nearly the size of real (small human/pet) teef! I decided to paint his teef and gums first, before gluing the two halves of his jaw together. I gave his teeth and gums a black undercoat (masking off the rest of him first), then covered his mouth once it was painted and gave the rest of the model a purple undercoat. I used the Army Painter’s Alien Purple spray, but GW’s Xereus Purple is a very close match.

I bought the Shattered Dominion Large Basing Kit to use for King Ognob too, and the sprues will become communal basing materials (so that the others can use pieces on their larger models as well). As far as the Moonclan Grots go, the Fanatics, Warboss and Shaman are all straight from the sprue (with the Leaders both being from the old Battle for Skull Pass starter set). After these ‘characters’, I’ve got a heck of a lot of rank and file Gobbos that I need to get round to at some point.

With them being so small though, I’m hoping to get these five all painted before next week…

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