Twirling. Always twirling.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting Gobbos.

I managed to complete the challenge that I set myself last week, and got all of my Gobbos painted in time for this week. Admittedly, they’re only small models; but models are models. In game, they’ve got some pretty decent rules for such weedy creatures. The Fanatics are particularly brutal. A well placed charge of those could potentially wipe out a much more powerful unit with some good dice rolls.

Moonclan Leaders

I enjoyed painting these, and found them quick and easy to do. I imagine that all of the rank and file Gobbos that I need to get round to at some point will be even quicker and easier to do, with them not having the extra detail that these ‘characters’ had. I kept the Warboss’ little Squig purple (it’s so cute!), and the Shaman’s mushroom’s purple too (with a few spots to break things up a bit). I also painted any Bad Moon icons/symbols in yellow to keep with tradition.

I’ll stick with these colours when I get around to my Realmgates – which I’m planning to make a start on next. I need some more Agrax Earthshade first though, as I ran out before I got round to my Gobbos. I managed to dig out an old pot of Devlan Mud for them, but it was a bit glossier and there’s not enough left for a whole Realmgate. I’ve only got a week or so left to paint them and get them posted over in time for our Skirmish day too; so I’d best get a move on.

As a final piece of advice: don’t Google ‘purple mushroom’ for painting reference purposes…

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