Orlocks Part 3 – Final Batch

The gang’s all finished! For now… cause when those Orlock weapon packs are released I’m gonna have to pick up another ten guys to build all sorts of awesome special weapons.

Here are the last three guys; a champion with a grenade launcher, a ganger with a combat shotgun, and a juve/ganger with an auto-pistol and knife.

As expected, I probably doubled the page views on my own painting tutorial with how many times I had to go back and check out how I did everything. When I’m this deep into a gang I have to start lining them up to make sure I’m not painting one guy’s outfit exactly the same as someone else, and I think I’ve probably maxed out on colour combos of jackets, boots, and shirts. I did want to do the classic Orlock scheme on at least one guy though, so that honour fell to knife-guy above. The leader almost has it as well, but I bottled on the red tabard. It looks rad on the guys I’ve done it on since though, but I like the variation of the different tabards. I’ll have to start getting a bit wackier with future guys. Snazzy red trousers and the like. Although I do kinda want to paint one of these guys in a slick all-red biker outfit, Akira-style. Maybe build him with a lascannon

So here’s a group shot, aren’t they a handsome bunch!


I’ll hopefully be using them for a one-day gang war event next month, before moving into a proper campaign later this year, fingers crossed.

We’ve got our AoS Skirmish weekend coming up soon, so this coming week is going to go towards getting the last bits and pieces put together for that. I also need to nail down the missions we’re going to be playing and the little bits of narrative to accompany them. You can expect a few battle reports in the coming weeks as Arthos of Carnhold, fearless beast hunter, gets in way over his head while on the trail of some Orruk raiders, but is surprised to find help arrive in the shape of none other than the mighty warriors of the gods themselves.

It’s a relatively short post from me this week, I’m afraid, as I have to get up for a long drive in a few hours. If you’re after something more to read however, I just stumbled upon the excellent Rogue Trader narrative campaign from Dreadquill and had a great time reading through his latest outing. Check it out!

~ Ross

8 thoughts on “Orlocks Part 3 – Final Batch

  1. Orlocks are probably the gang I liked the least even way back when Necromunda was played with card terrain and plastic bulkheads, but that is one excellent paint job, sir! Great seeing the gang together like that.
    Inspiring stuff, indeed. If I wasn’t busy working on Blood Bowl for an upcoming tournanent, I would certainly move my Escher to the front of the painting queue!


    1. Thanks, man! And all hobby is good hobby, I’m sure the Eschers will get some love in due course. I’d love an excuse to get back into Bloodbowl; I had great fun with the original way back in the day, and the new stuff all looks fantastic.


  2. Excellent work on the Orlocks here – they really do look great while managing to be very reminiscent of the “official” paint scheme of the original models. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, man! “Official” scheme, I like that. Yeah I’m rather chuffed with how these guys have turned out. I’ve got a real hankering for some proper gaming now.

      Liked by 1 person

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