Scream for me, Ghur!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting Orruks again.


I managed to paint up a Warchanter this week, which takes mine and Aaron’s combined Destruction Skirmish force up to about 90 Renown – should we need it. It was nice going back to painting an actual model after concentrating on terrain for the past month or so! Stikko is the name of my Warchanter, and I love the model. He’s effectively a bigger Brute, so painting those first was definitely good practice. As with the Realmgates, I painted his magic sticks (and eyes) with the same kind of ethereal green Waaagh! energy/magic effect that I used on Dim the Enchanter.

In our Skirmish games, Dim will be the leader of our ragtag mob (due to his high points cost), and Stikko will be a potential backup character if we can bank enough Renown over a few games to be able to afford him. In regular games of AoS, I imagine that his ability to give a nearby unit +1 to hit will be very useful; but in Skirmish, just buffing one model isn’t nearly as impressive. He’s still pretty tough though, and has a decent amount of attacks for when (if?) he makes it into combat.

Now that I’ve ‘rewarded’ myself with a character, it’s time to make a start on my mob of 30 Ardboys…

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