I am in command!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting Ardboys.

Ardboys - Command

The Ardboys are to mix in with Ironskull’s Boyz from Shadespire (who we’ll be counting as regular Ardboys in our Skirmish games), taking the total up to seven Ardboys. The Champion will be the only model in the unit to have a bare head. Partly to make him stand out a bit more, but mostly to speed up the painting process! The Champion weapons appear to be armed with both a Big Choppa and a single Smasha, so in terms of WYSIWYG I can probably count him as being armed with either the Big Choppa or a Choppa and Smasha (declared before the game starts, of course).

Having used one banner top on my Ironjawz Realmgate, I used the actual banner for my Ardboy Standard Bearer. The Beastman skull atop the banner pole seemed perfect for the Realm of Beasts, and I wanted an old school, fantasy banner for my army now that Army Standard Bearers no longer seem to be a thing.

The musician is just the standard drummer, who fits nicely alongside Stikko. He’s like a little Warchanter in training! I painted the centre of the drumskin a little darker than the edges, as per the original Black Orc painting guide in the White Dwarf when the kit first came out (May 2007, for those interested).

Now that the command group are out of the way, I can get cracking with my other 27 Ardboys…

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