Dead Reckoning

I want to do a Death army, you guys. I thought I’d be good with just the Shadespire warband, but GW keep previewing all the new Death stuff. It’s so good. I asked the other guys to talk me out of it, but they only enabled me. They’re bad friends. Did you see the guy in the chair?

My couple of free evenings this week have been spent on the Sepulchral Warden. The Sepulchral Guard are easily the best warband in Shadespire, and the Warden is the best of that motley crew. With the rest of the warbands I feel the urge to tweak and convert the models, but the Guard are perfect models straight out of the box. Overall I’m pretty happy with the paint job, apart from the damned cloak. There must be ten different base coats underneath what’s currently there with all my faffing, and it looks garbage. I’ve been experimenting with trying that battle-damaged, stippling style method for painting fabrics on my last few models, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it yet. If you know of any articles or videos out there on the subject I’d love to see them. It’s still too flat looking too. I need to go back and add some more shading, and tidy up the highlights. I couldn’t look at it anymore this week without going cross-eyed though, so it’ll do for now. I’ve got a couple of games of Shadespire tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully his shiny new paint job will bring me fortune.

The Sepulchral Guard will make a great starting point for a Skirmish war band too. I think I’ll just need a Wight King and maybe a Cairn Wraith or Banshee for a starting force that’s more in the classic Undead vein, to which I can then add a bunch of the shiny new Nighthaunt stuff.

Over the bank holiday weekend I also managed to throw some paint on the last of my Sylvaneth.


I didn’t take any proper photos because this is really just a tabletop standard paint job to get them done and out of the way. The astute among you will notice that the Tree Revenants don’t even have their bodies yet, but I used them in a game tonight and I think I totally got away with it. They’re basically half ghost anyway, right? Durthu still needs to get his face on too, but once those last bits are quickly done, I’ll have about 1000 points of Sylvaneth, which is just about enough for me. I’m kinda bored painting them now, and I’m keen to move onto other things. At around 1000 points, Vanguard-sized armies are the AoS sweet spot for me. You’re not stuck painting scores of identical basic infantry, and the games don’t take more than an hour or two. There are no uber-monsters like Nagash and Archaon flying around, and you can muck about and tell personal little stories with low-level heroes and individual units.

Things on the bench for me this week are the rest of the Sepulchral Guard. I doubt I’ll get them all done in one go, but I might get through three of them, especially with 100% fewer capes on the remaining models.

‘Til next time.

~ Ross



6 thoughts on “Dead Reckoning

  1. I hear you on the undead mate, those models are amazing. Plus GW have bundled all those lovely old Vampire Counts models I never got around to buying into Start Collecting boxes making it all the more affordable to spend more than I can afford buying more models than I’ll ever have time to paint. And although I agree that vanguard-sized AoS armies are great, allowing one to dip into a faction and enjoy it without getting bogged down, a far less sensible but still extremely loud part of my brain imagines me in command of a vast undead horde(as well as imagining that all my other projects will magically get painted in no time flat, allowing me to concentrate on the undead, and that GW won’t be releasing anything else I’m excited about, like Orks, Genestealer Cultists or Cawdor, anytime soon…)

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    1. Right?! There’s nothing I’d love more than a skeleton horde, but I’m a bit more realistic with my hobby capacity these days 😛 There’s so much good stuff coming out this year, especially for AoS, that it’ll be hard to keep on target for anything!

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  2. You should do it.

    It is surprisingly easy to pump out a whole lot of skeletons in no time, and I paint slow as fuck at the best of times.

    I am also really curious what your take on undead would be. Your sylvaneth have been an inspiration and keep pushing me to try out new things.

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    1. Thanks, man. I love these Shadespire guys, and I’m keen to have a go at some of the Nighthaunts and see if I can do that neat white-to-black blending they’ve got going on. We’ll start Skirmish size and see how it goes from there. Wanna get in a couple of bigger games too though. I’d bet me, you and Laura could put together a pretty tasty Undead horde between us as well.

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      1. I am already coming up to almost 1000 points, will hit that easily once I finish my skirmish warband and use those models for the main group as well.

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