Skirmish weekend (the Destruction perspective) – part 1

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up notes from our recent Skirmish weekend.

The four Warlords recently gathered at the Aaronorium, completing the six games from the Skirmish book over the course of our weekend. For some of us, it was our first time playing Age of Sigmar. Thankfully, we all had a blast – and it won’t before long before we’re planning a Path to Glory weekend.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from the event (and brief battle reports). We played doubles games, and started with 35 Renown per team to give us a bit more leeway with our starting characters:

Weirdnob Shaman (24) – Dim the Enchanter
#Command Ability: Tenacious Defender
#Magic Item: Cursed Tome
Brute Boss (7) – Grudthak Birdchewer
Ardboy Boss (4) – Gurzag Ironskull

Knight-Venator (24) – Artemisia Lightwing
#Command Ability: Merciless Killer
#Magic Item: Blessed Amulet
2 Aetherwings (8)
Vulkite Berserker Karl (2) – Arthos of Carnhold

Game 1
The forces of Order advanced. Arthos missed Dim with his Fyresteel Throwing Axe, but Artemisia killed him outright with her Star-fated Arrow. The surviving Ironjawz advanced cautiously, but then thought the better of things and fled. Quickest. Game. Ever

Game 2 (reinforcements: +1 Ardboy, +1 Dryad)
The forces of Order advanced. Artemisia are her Star-eagle wounded the Brute Boss once with each. The forces of Destruction advanced and Dim uncovered an Artefact. Order continued their advance. One of the Aetherwings also uncovered an Artefact, and the Star-eagle wounded Dim (causing 3 wounds). Dim and Gurzag charged Artemisia, but neither caused any damage. In return, Artemisia killed Dim with her Realmhunter’s Bow and the Star-eagle wounded Gurzag. The Brute Boss killed one Aetherwing but was killed by the second, while Arthos finished off Gurzag. Artemisia shot and killed the remaining Ardboy after that.

Game 3 (+1 Brute, +1 Branchwych – Amadriel)
The forces of Order advanced. Artemisia would have killed Dim outright again, were it not for a well timed underdog re-roll for his save. Dim cast Mystic Shield in return, and the forces of Destruction advanced. Order continued their advance, and Artemisia and her Star-eagle wounded the Brute with Gore-Choppa once each. Dim’s spell failed, so the Ironjawz continued to advance. Dim then wounded an Aetherwing with an Arcane Bolt, before Gurzag finished it off. In Order’s turn, Artemisia wounded the Brute Boss with her Realmhunter’s Bow, Amadriel killed Gurzag and the Brute with Gore-Choppa destroyed an Aetherwing (causing 6 wounds!). Order got a double turn, beginning with Amadriel wounding Dim twice with her Unleash Spites spell (not the bees!), Arthos missing the Ardboy and Artemisia killing the Brute with Gore-Choppa. Arthos then killed the Ardboy in close combat, followed by Dim wounding Amadriel 3 times.

Fresh from his success in combat, Dim cast Foot of Gork at Artemisia – causing a total of 25 wounds over 6 stomps! [In hindsight, I should have moved it around between the remaining Order models; but I forgot, and got carried away by declaring that it was continuing to stomp on Artemisia long after she’d died. Had I been sensible, we would have tabled the Order side. I felt that the constant stomping was much more like something that an Orruk would do though.] The Brute fought to a stalemate with the Dryad, as did Dim and Amadriel. Dim then wounded Amadriel again (this time with an Arcane Bolt), while the Brute killed the Dryad. Amadriel then retreated, allowing Arthos to kill the Brute in its stead. Seeing that he was the only greenskin left standing, Dim turned tail and fled.

Three games down, and (no thanks to me) the forces of Destruction were 3-0 down. Did they manage to redeem themselves in the second half of our campaign? Tune in next week to find out!

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