Skirmish weekend (the Destruction perspective) – part 2

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up more notes from our recent Skirmish weekend.

At the end of the previous instalment, the forces of Destruction were 3-0 down. The day was still young, though – so we powered through another game before having breaking for lunch. Both sides decide to ‘bank’ the Renown earned in our previous game (with a view to spending it on something bigger after the next game), so there were no reinforcements in our fourth game.

Game 4 (reinforcements: none!)
Dim cast Magic Shield and then the forces of Destruction advanced. The forces of Order also advanced, and both Artemisia and her Star-eagle failed to damage Dim. Order continued their advance and Artemisa failed to damage Dim again. Dim wounded Artemisia twice with Arcane Bolt, and Grudthak also caused two wounds, with Artemisia missing Dim yet again. Amadriel cast Unleash Spites (not the bees!) at the Brute with Gore-Choppa (wounding him twice), Artemisia’s Star-eagle wounded Dim twice and then Artemisia finally wounded him too in close combat (as did her Star-eagle).

Grudthak wounded Artemisia again while Dim missed; as did the Aetherwings’ attacks against Dim. The Ardboy missed the birds, Arthos and Gurzag fought to a standstill (with Gurzag rolling a triple one for his to hit rolls!) and Amadriel and Dryad both did no damage to Grudthak.

The Brute with Gore-Choppa took a Mortal Wound from the portal’s arcance energies as he finally reached the Realmgate; killing him. Dim and Artemisia saved each other’s attacks, while Gruthak killed both Aetherwings (he really hates those birds). Amadriel and the Dryad both did no damage to Dim. Grudthak and the Ardboy fled however, allowing Amadriel to kill the abandoned Dim.

Game 5 (reinforcements: +2 Brutes, +1 Kurnoth Hunter)
The forces of Destruction advanced as Dim cast Mystic Shield. Unfortunately, the Power of the Waaagh! was too much for him – resulting in the nearest Brute suffering 2 Mortal Wounds! Artemisia split her ranged attacks between several Orruks: missing Dim and failing to damage a Brute, while her Star-eagle wounded the Ardboy.

Destruction closed the gap between the forces of Order, as Dim casts Arcane Bolt – causing a wound to Artemisia. A Brute bravely (foolishly) charged the Kurnoth Hunter and was cut down, but Grudthak killed an Aetherwing (again!). Artemisia split her attacks once more, this time wounding Dim, killing the Ardboy and missing Gurzag. Arthos missed Gruthak while an Aetherwing failed to wound another Brute. Arthos, the Dryad and Amadriel all failed to damage Gruthak that they were fighting. One Brute and the Kurnoth Hunter caused two wounds apiece while Grudthak killed Amadriel, but a Brute and Gurzag lost their nerve and fled.

The Orruks fought back, beginning with Dim casting Arcane Bolt at the Dryad – and killing it. One Brute wounded Artemisia twice and Grudhak killed Arthos. Order reciprocated, with Artemisia’s Star Eagle wounding both Dim and Grudthak as the Kurnoth Hunter killed a Brute. The remaining Aetherwing fought to a stalemate against Grudthak. Dim tried (and failed) to cast Foot of Gork, but was wounded by Artemisia then killed by the Kurnoth Hunter. The sole surviving Grudthak got revenge on the Kurnoth Hunter, but Artemisia’s Star-eagle then got her revenge in return.


Five games down now, and the forces of Destruction were 5-0 down. It was still all to play for in the sixth and final game of the campaign though. Could the underdogs come back from (very far) behind, and give those nature boys a good stomping? Tune in next week to find out!

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