Skirmish weekend (the Destruction perspective) – part 3

This was it. It all came down to the final game. A chance for the forces of Destruction to redeem themselves! With the Order units having average moves of nearly double the Orruks’ flat 4″ (sometime triple!), as well as having priority in the first battle round, the Ironjawz really were the underdogs. Thankfully, this meant that they would have 5 underdog re-rolls to use throughout the game.

Game 6 (reinforcements: +1 Brute, +2 Kurnoth Hunters/+2 Dryads)
Both sides spent the first two battle rounds running towards the Realmgate. Dim tried casting a cheeky Foot of Gork at the Kurnoth Hunters but failed (even with a re-roll), whereas Artemisia’s Star-eagle wounded an Ardboy. In the third Destruction turn, the Ardboy (dubbed Defensive Jawbog) opted to hold the line and made a stand against the Kurnoth Hunters. His heroics were short lived however, as the Kurnoth Hunters cut him down and continued to outflank the Orruks.

Amadriel tried to unleash her Spites, but Dim successfully dispelled her attempt. In the ensuing melee, one Brute missed all 3 of the Dryads that he was fighting (he literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees), another Brute was trampled by a Kurnoth Hunter, while the other 3 Brutes caused 7 wounds across the other 2 Kurnoth Hunters (but didn’t kill either of them outright). Amadriel managed to unleash her Spites second time round, wounding Dim and one Brute, and killing another. Artemisia wounded Dim with her Realmhunter’s Bow, but her Star-eagle missed Dim and Gurzag. She then finished Dim off in close combat however. The Brute fighting the Dryads killed one before being killed himself, while the two Kurnoth Hunters killed two Brutes. Gurzag then killed a Kurnoth Hunter, but fled with the surviving Brute afterwards.

Game 6 (8)
Game 6 – the survivors!

So, there you have it. The forces of Order were utterly triumphant over the forces of Destruction, winning all six games. We all had a blast though, and have definitely caught the Sigmar bug. A few observations from my perspective:


  • Characters are really powerful in Skirmish. Artemisia’s Star-fated Arrow is brutal, and Dim’s Foot of Gork (while difficult to get off) can be very destructive.
  • Bigger warbands are better. We’d have probably been better off taking more Ardboys than Brutes, to boost our body count.
  • Battleshock can be very decisive. Losing a handful of models when you’ve only got a handful of models is pretty harsh.
  • Ironjawz are slow. 4″ is really slow.
  • I miss ranged weapons. A few Orruk or Gobbo archers would’ve be a valuable addition, and might have actually hit something!

My plan now is to concentrate on finishing my Ironjawz ready for a Path to Glory weekend, before expanding my Moonclan with the rest of my copy of Battle for Skull Pass. That should keep me going for a while…

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