Heavy Metal!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some ‘limited edition’ metal models.

Grumlok & Jawbog

In my opinion, these are two of the greatest Orc models ever sculpted, and I really enjoyed painting them. They’re not quite Ironjawz though, so I’m going to count them both as regular Greenskinz (Orruk Warbosses) instead.

The one on the left is Grumlok (and Gazbag) for Warhammer Online, so I’ll just pretend he (they) made it through the End Times. I don’t remember ever seeing Grumlok and Gazbag in White Dwarf or on the GW website, and as I never played Warhammer Online I was completely oblivious to their existence until I chanced upon them in an Ebay search. In the background, Grumlok was a Black Orc (Ironjaw) Boss and Gazbag was a Night Goblin (Moonclan Grot) Shaman – so they fit in nicely with my faction choices! I did consider separating them and mounting Gazbag on his own base, but I decided that it was too nice of a model to go chopping up, so he remains purely for decoration. He’s a nice tie-in to a my Moonclan Grots though, and it cements the alliance by having both leaders as one model.

I’ve decided that the one on the right will become ‘Defensive’ Jawbog from our Skirmish games. He didn’t actually lose his hands fighting off the Kurnoth Hunters – merely his gauntlets. He did lose an eye and was left for dead though. He’s since invested in a shield: partly to reinforce his ‘defensive’ status, and partly because he doesn’t want a poke in his remaining eye with a sharp stick from those pesky Sylvaneth. This Games Day 2007 Orc Boss is a great model; similar in scale to the Brutes, but less well armoured. I love his stout little Grot buddy, too. My only complaint is the way that his choppa hangs (pointing forwards). If he tried to draw it, then he’d have to be very careful not to just grab in its general direction lest he lose some fingers! Secondary concerns for a greenskin though, I imagine.

Painting these two has tempted me to get some regular Greenskinz for them to lead. Maybe once I’ve finished my Ironjawz and Moonclan Grots…

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