I’ve got Squigs… they’re multiplying!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been assembling another big Squig!

Hokka (WIP)

I attended Black Library Live last month, and my girlfriend convinced me that I should get myself a Squig Gobba to go with King Ognob – thus saving myself some postage by picking it up in person. She loves Squigs as much as I do, and it’s hard to argue with her logic! I’m going to call him Hokka. It’s crazy that he’s a relatively large model, but still dwarfed by King Ognob.

Much like Ognob before him, his warscroll also got an excellent boost too for second edition. His Spit-Squigs range attack has gone from 2D6 shots to a flat 6 (which is probably better for me, given my dice rolling), but his range and wounds have received massive increases (from 18″ to 30″ and 5 to 8 respectively). He used to get +1 to hit if he remained stationary, whereas he now gets it if the target unit has 10 or more models. (which is probably an improvement too). Overall, his rules are much better now, and I’ve actually got something long ranged that can threaten my opponent from the first turn!

With him being smaller than Ognob, I’m hoping to finish him off this weekend so that I can go back to some regular infantry…

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