Kill Team Spectre

I’m cheating a little bit this week as these guys are some old models that I’ve just dug out of the display case in preparation for the new Kill Team. I have done some hobby this week though – fear not and read on!


I actually converted these guys up for a Kill Team weekend we did as a group waaay back even before Shadow Wars: Armageddon was a thing. I wasn’t too confident doing proper “conversions” back then, so I ended up mostly kit bashing, but I think I ended up with a squad that on the surface looks like regular Fire Warriors, but actually has a lot of subtle differences if you look closely.


I was never a fan of the Pathfinders’ baggy pyjamas look so I went with Fire Warrior legs all round. I used a mix of Pathfinder and Fire Warrior torsos and heads for variation, and as many Pathfinder left arms as I could make fit – only sculpting shoulder plates onto the FW arms as a last resort – as I don’t really like the big FW shoulder pads either. The one spot of conversion I did indulge in was the helmets. I made all the helmets unique in one way or another with different lenses or antennae, to represent a squad of elite warriors customising their gear to best suit their own needs.


I built a couple of them with wargear they’re not allowed in the standard army list just for the sake of variety, and it looks like it’s paid off in Kill Team, with the options for Comms Specialists and Medics and the like. Depending on how many T’au you can fit in one Kill Team, I’d like to go back and do up a marksman with a pulse rifle or a rail rifle, and maybe a stealth suit. I have a couple of unpainted pulse carbine FWs waiting in the wings as well, so I’ve got plenty of back-up should it be needed.

But I did promise some hobby this week, so here it is. May I present the MC1 Light Gun Drone. Built for speed, stealth and close support for deep infiltration units. The perfect little mechanical companion for Kill Team Spectre!

I’ve been reading a lot of Ian Banks’ Culture books recently, which has had me thinking about drones, so I pulled out all my T’au bits and started fiddling around to see what I could come up with. I figure that the Fire and Earth castes would certainly try and come up with some varieties of smaller, stealthier drones that could accompany spec ops Pathfinder teams and forward recon elements. The regular drones are flipping huge in comparison to Fire Warriors. Probably not all that great at sneaking. Or going through doors for that matter, or any of the other close confines a Kill Team might find themselves skulking around in.

It’s basically a flying dinner table.
Much more door-friendly!

It was great fun just digging around in my bits box without much of a plan, so I might try and make some similarly fun-sized versions of the other drones. I’m in no rush to any particular hobby deadlines these days, so I’ll just take it easy and see where the muse takes me!




13 thoughts on “Kill Team Spectre

  1. Not usually a big fan of the tau aesthetically but these are looking really good. The one with the red skull on the mask is definitely bringing something vicious to the greater good!

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    1. Cheers dude! I’ve had an idea in the back of my head for a while now to see if I could do a proper Blanchitsu/Inq28 take on the T’au. This squad isn’t it, but it’s maybe the first step in that direction. Inq28 is often just humans of some variety, and you see most of the other xenos species from time to time, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen T’au. I suspect it’s because they’re seen as too shiny and high tech to fit the grim-dark theme of Inq28. Their lore certainly has scope for darker tones however, and Inq28 is a great arena to explore some more nuanced characters and modelling opportunities.

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      1. That’s an excellent idea, definitely one to follow up. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an Inq28 Tau either, yet if you look beyond the shiny aesthetic they’re probably one of the xenos races most in tune with the style and setting. They think more like humans than any of the others, they face a lot of the same problems and they do so in a relatable way so they’d make great protagonists. Plus the chance to dig a little deeper than the nice guy, greater good, clichés is really something that the race deserves. Good luck if you do decide to do it, sooner or later I might even give it a bash myself 🙂

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  2. Love these! So much in fact I’m going to do a similar version myself if that’s cool. Love the way the colours make for easy identification in a kill team.

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  3. I freaking love these guys, and your MC1 drone in particular! Kinda jealous of your ability to work with white as well, crisp and dirty/weathered. Love it!
    However I’ve been scratching my head for a bit now trying to place the dish you’ve used for your MC1 drone, for the life of me I can’t do it! I know you said you went digging in your bits box for it, but if you can place it, would you be kind enough to share?

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    1. Thanks, Dave! I’m planning to do a showcase of the rest of my T’au army at some point, so you can keep an eye out for them.

      I’m pretty sure the MC1 drone’s dish is just a Crisis suit shield generator which I shaved the back side off. Hope that helps!


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