That’ll do, Squig. That’ll do.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting my latest Squig.

Hokka (1)

I decided to paint his spit the same kind of ethereal green Waaagh! energy/magic effect that I used on Dim and my Realmgates, as it looks a bit similar, and the thought of a magical Squig entertains me. I considered putting the Grot crew on their own bases, but decided against it in the end as I figured it was better to keep them together as their own little diorama. I like that they act as scale reference for Hokka too. He’s a pretty chunky Squig.

I’m just worried now that he’s finished that I’ll start getting Squig withdrawal symptoms…

2 thoughts on “That’ll do, Squig. That’ll do.

  1. “In the event of Squig Withdrawal Symptoms…open wallet….open browser window…click purchase…don’t forget expedited shipping!….fondly pat and ogle any nearby Squigs as you wait…look at pictures of Squigs online… the event of hearing voices, profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat, frantic mailbox checks during this waiting period, ….call 1-900-GET-SQIG”

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