The Great Undertaking: Our Sec-Mec Board

I won’t bang on about the tremor. Rather than let my weird shaky thumbs defeat me, I’ve focused my efforts elsewhere.

To whit: something I can do at a constant pace, and that I really enjoy, which is painting scenery. This is The Great Undertaking, and will form the core of a huge (i.e. tall) Necromunda and Kill Team board.

Ross is handling the Zone Mortalis repaint, and I’m doing the Sector Mechanicus board. Right now, it’s… Well, it’s a lot. I’ve got 4 Sector Imperialis tiles, and a lot of Sec-Mec scenery:


That’s not even all of it. No, ma’am. There’s loads more.

But to get to the real deal and show you some paint on plastic, here’s the scheme so far:

The walkways, with a pale vibe hopefully vaguely reminiscent of old-school Necromunda without being clean pastel blue like Ye Olde Dayes.
Another aerial shot. Woo and yay.

Here’s the scheme for the generators et al.: Basically as simple as Red = Hull Plating; Bronze = Machinery and Gubbinz; Gunmetal = Structural Stuff.

And here are the struts, following the same scheme:

Excuse the crappy photos. These actually look pretty decent in the flesh/plastic.

And here’s what I’ve got done over the last two weeks. I’m speeding up, but this isn’t bad progress for my usual speed by any measure:


Honestly, I’m just happy to be making some headway, especially since I’m actually happy with how it’s looking so far. It’s good to be rolling again, with stuff I can upload for updates.

And on that note, with everyone going a little Kill Team crazy, I could use some advice from you guys and gals. I have this sitting around…

IMG_3778Given that my main opponents would be Ross (T’au), Dr. Mark (Aeldari/Harlequins), and Col (Orks), I figured Deathwatch was the logical choice for a Kill Team.

Although in all seriousness, here’s where I need your thoughts. There are three possibilities I’m interested in doing:

  1. A Kill Team of Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors, armed with a combination of Stalker bolt rifles, Auto bolt rifles, Standard bolt rifles, and auxiliary grenade launchers.
  2. A Kill Team of Iron Hands Primaris Intercessors, ignoring the Deathwatch angle completely.
  3. A Kill Team of Deathwatch Veterans, using Primaris models for true-scale purposes. This would mean they’d be armed with the insane variety of Deathwatch Veteran weapons, but would be less resilient.

Modelling-wise, #3 is probably the most interesting, but doesn’t immediately mean #1 and #2 are boring. There’s a lot of fun to be had in any decently themed kill team, I think.

And on that note, this concludes the week’s update.

Good to be back!

7 thoughts on “The Great Undertaking: Our Sec-Mec Board

  1. Honestly, my gut reaction was that 3 would be the most fun, but biased as I am, I’m just super keen to see your take on Primaris Iron Hands, as I’d imagine some fun background wouldn’t be far behind.

    100% agreed that 2 doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you can get your hands on some bionic gubbins – I haven’t yet seen any attempts at cyborged-up Primaris, which could look *amazing*, although it might be understandably daunting as a project. Less extensive modelling can also work – putting chainmail where you’d normally expect cloth / leather pteruges on marines always looks good, and servo skulls never go out of fashion – left over components from AdMech kits are your friends.

    Even without going bionics-heavy, there’s ways to make the Iron Hands scheme (which can admittedly look pretty drab) pop – if you’ve any interest in freehand (or have access to printing transfers), adding circuitry designs as tattoos or honour markings on their plate can help break up the black/silver/white monochrome, especially if done in warmer metal tones – varying the metals used might actually be a good way to introduce some individuality into the marines – different metals signifying various honours? Red can be an easy spot colour to overdo on the IH scheme, as it can sometimes take over a bit, but having the odd dark red shoulder / knee pad or entire arm can look great.

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    1. IHF! An honour to see you here, man.

      There’s the temptation, I guess, to use a Kill Team as “the potential start of an army”, and to see it as “Well, everyone will be doing Deathwatch; maybe I could do something less standard.” But there’s definitely an argument to be made that Kill Team is basically the place to try out a fun little warband with a variety of weapons.

      Tough choice.

      I appreciate the advice!

      (And I think you’re right about the red…)


  2. As a proud son of Medusa (my main loyalist army) I’d say go Iron hands and grab this thing:
    You could probably cut the bionic leg from that set off at the knee and replace a primaris leg if you wanted, and while you’re at it grab the power sword off that dark angels’ sprue for the sergeant because it’s too cool not to use! The Deathwatch arms with their extra scanners and such are perfect for the Iron hands too!

    Really though Aaron, I’d say look at your options and work out what story you want to tell with your kill team. After all, what will drive you to complete your models and care about how they fair on the battlefield is the story you give them as you’re building them.

    For example, I named my son Gabriel Angelos* so of course I have built a Blood Ravens kill team. I always liked how the Ravens were scrabbling for recruits to replace their depleted numbers in the games, so I built my kill team around the idea of a recruitment mission dispatched from the 6th company aboard a rapid strike vessel – the Hunter Class frigate ‘Word of Fire’ if you’re wondering!

    The kill team consists of the 5 Intercessors of Squad Endymion acting as security detail for the aging Apothecary Galen (a Veteran sergeant with the medic specialism) sent to assess the viability of the candidates on a recruiting world where (in true DoW fashion) they discover the interloping force of the opposing player’s kill team…

    I’m not just saying this to talk about my kill team (or my son’s name!), I’m saying this because I always feel it’s the story you come up with that’s the most important part of completing a project, so work out which story out of the above three you like best first, then build that!

    Although saying that, didn’t you (once upon a time) have a Blood Angels successor force you had to abandon? How about using those blood angels bits and the Intercessors there and maybe to a combat squad of them? Still, use the dark angels’ power sword on the sergeant though whatever you decide. It is awesome!

    *First and middle name there. In my defense, I suggested it as a joke and she liked it so it stuck.

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    1. This is some delicious advice. I love the sound of your Kill Team, by the way.

      And you make a cool point about my Angels Numinous. If ever there was a time to pounce on them and make them a reality, it’s now.

      Hmm. Food for thought.


  3. That terrain is looking fantastic so far, and it’s great how you are going through the trouble of picking out the nuts, bolts and cables in different colours instead of just going Leadbelcher + black wash and being done with it 😉 Maybe a bit of subtle sponge weathering here and there might be a cool idea?

    As for the Deathwatch question, maybe there is some middle ground between #1 and #3? I’ve been having a blast lately with using Primaris as true scale Watch-Brothers, but instead of going for super-crazy Deathwatch weapons I have decided to keep it fairly low-key, with one or two more outlandish weapons to support the look of a particular Marine or fit his chapter of origin (a tech-y axe for an Iron Hand, a metallic whip for a Castigator). Here’s a link, if you’ll excuse the shameless plug:

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    1. A pleasure to see you, as always, kind sir.

      Firstly, let’s just gloss over my usual helpless fawning over your models, because Jesus Christ, that Deathwatch squad is incredible even by your usual standards, and I don’t want to fill this text box up with synonyms for ‘rad’.

      I’m definitely going to sponge-weather the walkways a little here and there, for sure. Less is more, though. They already look slightly/decently dirty in the plastic/flesh (plastiflesh…) so I don’t want to overdo it. They’re the pale/light contrast to the darker struts and machinery.

      Your modelling and kitbashing is on a level way above my pay grade, but it’s inspiring as ever. It also brings up a serious point: I always prefer Space Marines with helmets on, but… in Kill Team, I dunno, it feels like the one, perfect time to abandon that. Like, usually my eyes drift over Space Marine faces and I think “Whatever, would look cooler with a helmet…”, but here – where your whole army is 5-10 guys – it’s a lot more suited to the vibe where faces become focal points, and lend character, if you choose the right ones.

      There is much to dwell on, here…

      (Also, CELESTIAL LION!)

      tl;dr — Shameless plug all you like. You’re more than welcome; your stuff is amazing.

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      1. Haha, well, now I am all humbled by your kind words, and extremely flattered that one of my favourite BL authors should think about my models like that — and there we both are, fawning away. Isn’t it sweet? 😉

        Seriously, though: I am a huge fan of bare heads on Space Marines anyway, realism be damned, but I wholly agree with you that the extra focus on character in Killteam (or INQ28, for that matter) lends itself well to featuring more guys with actual faces — on my own Killteam, I actually added the challenge of forcing myself to try some non-caucasian skintones, and I am rather happy with the outcome. It’s also a great chance to add another way of choosing bitz that reflect the respective chapter. At the same time, the choice for a model to be wearing a helmet in this context can also become a genuine design choice, if you want one of your Watch-Brothers to seem especially massive and/or mysterious.

        On a related note, one thing I really love about the Primaris’ bigger scale (as uneasy as I am with their fluff, it must be said) is that the bigger scale allows for all kinds of gear, weaponry and ammo to be added without overcluttering the model. Therefore, even if you go with a bare face, a helmet mag-locked to the Marine’s belt is very much a must (in fact, that was my approach to the Ultramarine on the team, to actually add all of the gear a Marine would realistically be wearing in that situation). Oh, oh, and whatever you do, one of the members needs to be from that sweet pseudo-Greek chapter you are currently writing about, of course!

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