All about the base(s)

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting bases.

When 8th edition 40k came out last Summer, we were introduced to the wonderful world of Command Points and Stratagems. If you’ve anything like me, these useful little extra rules (amongst others) are sometimes forgotten in the heat of a game. Subsequently, I thought of a way to remedy that.

I invested in a set of scenic bases from MicroArt Studios for the four of us, to (roughly) thematically match our 40k armies. My logic was that we could use these as counters, with each 25mm base counting as one Command Point and each 40mm base counting as two Command Points. We’d keep them on our near our side of the board as a visual reminder of how many Command Points that we’ve got left, and either remove them or flip them over as they’re spent.

For my Orks, we’ve got some Trash counters:

Bases (Ork)

For Aaron’s AdMech, we’ve got some Pipeworks counters:

Bases (AdMech)

For Mark’s Eldar, we’ve got some Wraithstone counters:

Bases (Eldar)

For Ross’ Tau, we’ve got some TauCeti counters:

Bases (Tau)

We’ve yet to use them in such a fashion, but I hope that they work as intended when we next play some 40k. Failing that, they can always be used as objectives or loot counters. Who knows; one of those scrap counters could actually contain a Mung Vase…

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