Sepulchral Guard: Part 2

FINALLY got these guys finished! Like, two months after I started them. My painting progress has went completely out the window since the summer holidays started. I couldn’t drum up the enthusiasm to start these last three guys for a long time, and when I finally did, my flipping paintbrush split, so I had to wait three days for a new one in the post.


I am very happy with how they’ve turned out though. I’m a real sucker for just sticking to the studio scheme for paint schemes, so I’m quite proud of myself for veering off piste with these guys ever so slightly and doing the bone a rather stylish (if I do say so myself) white rather than the usual dirty cream colour. I probably could have been a bit more adventurous with the rest of the models, but baby steps! I really want to learn how to do that awesome fabric weathering that you see on a lot of the studio models these days. I tried it on the Warden’s cloak but it didn’t really work. So if anyone knows of any good resources for that please lemme know!


There were a couple of fun bits to work on on these guys. The back of the shield on the right-hand petitioner is just a flat surface rather than sculpted like all the others, so I had to paint on the rim and wood texture to make it look like the others, and I think it turned out pretty damn well. I like how the brass has turned out on the shields as well, so I might have to steal that technique for my next project, which I’m keeping under wraps for the moment. Sssshh.


The whole gang together look pretty sharp, I think. I’m kinda tempted to pick up a bunch more skellies for AoS, but I’m not going to rush into anything until we work out what we’re going to be playing next. Aaron and I are on the Necro scenery at the mo, so that might end up being the focus for the autumn, but who knows. In the meantime though, I can’t wait to get some games of Shadespire in with a fully painted warband. Surely it’ll bring me good luck. That’s how new model syndrome works, right? I might even do a battle report or two!

Till next time!


6 thoughts on “Sepulchral Guard: Part 2

  1. The gang is looking fantastic, Ross! I actually think the fabric weathering worked out pretty well, to be honest, especially for a first time attempt. The ‘Eavy Metal team actually broke down the process in detail in one issue of WD (from last year..I think?!), using the leather coat of a Genestealer Primus as an example.

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work! And a new project involving brass — I wonder what that could be…

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    1. Thanks, man! Aye, not too bad for a first try, I suppose, but plenty of room for improvement. I’ll see if I can track down that WD guide – thanks for the tip.

      And the brass project isn’t Khorne flavoured, if that’s what you’re thinking! That would be heresy.


  2. I was equally tempted to do some AoS skeletons after finishing them. A testament to how much fun these guys are to paint! Yours look great, the white for the bones turned out wonderful.

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