Da green tide.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Ironjawz.

Having gotten my Squigs out of the way, I’d managed to get up to date with all of my assembled Age of Sigmar stuff! As a result, I went on a bit of a building spree, and managed to put together 25 Ardboys and my Megaboss. It’s an intimidating pile of models, certainly.

Ardboys & Megaboss (WIP)

Unfortunately, I only had enough spray left to undercoat a handful of Ardboys and my Megaboss, so it’s more of a grey tide at the moment – which doesn’t sound nearly as good. The Ardboys that I’ve already painted weren’t too bad to do though. They’re mostly their basecoated armour colour, and they’re all helmeted – so there’s no messing about with eyes and teef.

I can treat myself to painting my Megaboss once they’re all done. Or at least, once they’re half done…

3 thoughts on “Da green tide.

  1. The greener the better, that’s what an Ork boss would say back during the World-That-Was! 😁

    Looking good so far, I like the Megaboss model as I think best sculpt from the Ironjaws faction for kitbashing. I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll paint your boss (not rl one) and seeing your past posts on painting Orks, I can see that you’ll do a fantastic paint work on the Ironjaws boss.

    I always find spray painting to be a hassle as there’s never enough to cover x amount of models. It’s expensive compared to basecoating models individually, but spraying has the benefit of a smooth coating.

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