Clearing the backlog…

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting Death Guard.

Plague Marines & Noxious

With me not having any Age of Sigmar gaming planned for the immediate future, I decided that it would be a good time to clear my Death Guard backlog. I’ve made a good dent in it: painting my Noxious Blightbringer and three Plague Marines this week. Now I’ve only got thirteen Death Guard models left to paint. That is, unless I treat myself to the recently announced/soon to be re-released Plague Brethren.

They were out of stock by the time I tried to order them when they were originally released last year, and I didn’t fancy paying over the odds for them on Ebay. If I feel that they’re a reasonable price (a similar price per model as the Plague Marines box) then I might get them to boost my 7 man squad up to 10. I’ll have an extra meltagun though, so will have to replace that for a boltgun/plague knife combo (which I still have the bits for).

I’ve got a bit of motivation in the form of Speed Freeks coming in Orktober though. I can see myself picking up at least three copies to bolster my Evil Sunz army, so hopefully my backlog clearing momentum will continue between now and then…

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