Don’t fear the Plaguereaper.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some more Death Guard.

Lord of Contagion

Although he’s the leader of my Death Guard force, I’ve only just gotten around to painting my Lord of Contagion now – after building him when Dark Imperium was released just over a year ago! I’d just been using my Malignant Plaguecaster to lead my Death Guard until now, but the additional Command Point boost provided by having a second HQ choice should prove beneficial.

I first used him just after 8th edition came out. Ross and I had a game using the contents of the Dark Imperium box to dive straight into the new rules, and he doled out the harshness to those lanky loyalists. He’s glacially slow, but he hits like a ton of dirty bricks when he finally gets into combat. He’s pretty resilient too.

I’ve not had much luck in games I’ve played with him back home though. Possibly because he wasn’t painted (the horror!). Although, I’ve tended to keep him in reserve and deep strike him in behind enemy lines – where he’s almost always failed to get off his 9″ charge, and then just stood around like a muppet and got shot.

Here’s hoping that his ‘newly painted model syndrome’ performance is short lived…

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