The Sec-Mec Progress Check

It’s Tuesday on the blog, so it’s me again.

Me, Ross, and Doctor Mark have played a bit of Underworlds: Shadespire lately. Ross already had a fair bit of experience under his belt – as you may remember from his Sepulchral Guard – but Dr. Mark and I have fallen in love with it, too. I was using Col’s warband, Ironskull’s Boyz. (Spoilers: I lost and got them all killed. Sorry, Col.)

Beyond that, and further planning for our Vampire: the Dark Ages chronicle which will finally be kicking off soon, I’ve been painting more Sec-Mec scenery for any upcoming Necromunda and/or Kill Team weekends over here at the Aaronorium.

By this point I’m only about a single Promethium Furnace away from the first big-ass two-storey platform, and to get to the second level I did what basically everyone does when they have the luxury of enough Sec-Mec sprues to mess around: I glued two Alchomite Stack domes together.

Like so:


Not a thrilling update, but screw you, I like scenery. And I want this board to look insanely awesome. I also don’t have an airbrush, so it’s sprays and paints and inks and weathering for me, yes sir, yes ma’am.

Also, just to see how they’d look in the scheme, I did a couple of the Sec-Mec 32mm bases. I really wasn’t impressed by the kit when I saw it in its bare plastic; the bases looked like that janky plastic that sometimes loses detail. Thankfully that wasn’t the case with paint on: I think they look ace. I just wish they came in 25mm, too. Most Necromunda gangs aren’t on 32mm bases, alas.




For comparison, here they are with the spare gantry pieces that will make up most of the first storey:


And for kicks, here they are on the walkways themselves.

I find these photos deeply satisfying in a weirdly relaxing Where’s Wally? / Where’s Waldo? kind of way…:


Mmmmm. Harmony. And thus we conclude the week’s thrilling update.


7 thoughts on “The Sec-Mec Progress Check

  1. I thought I’d mention it here since I only use WordPress (I don’t use any other social media sites), I would like to show you my painted model of 1st Captain Sevatar.

    A few months ago I painted my first Forge World HH character model, the Night Lords 1st Captain Sevatar. I was inspired by your HH book, Prince of Crows, and I wanted to paint Sevatar to the best of my abilities.

    I have a link of the post below if you’re interested.

    I apologise for posting an unrelated topic on your post. Thank you for reading this comment!


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