Down with the sickness.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some more Death Guard. More specifically: I’ve painted the last of my Plague Marines. And there was much rejoicing!

Plague Marines

In total, I’ve now got three units of Plague Marines in my (roughly 2k) army:

  • 5 Plague Marines with 2 Plasmaguns and a Plasmagun/Powerfist Champion
  • 5 Plague Marines with 2 Blight Launchers and a Powerfist Champion
  • 7 Plague Marines with 2 Meltaguns and a Powerfist Champion

I used them all in a game that I had on Tuesday against my friend’s Orks. He had three mobs of 30 Boyz, two mobs of 10 Grotz, two mobs of 10 Tankbustas in Chinorks, a Warboss and a Weirdboy. In addition to my Plague Marines I had 20 Poxwalkers, 3 Myphitic Blight-haulers, a Foetid Bloat-drone and the 3 Dark Imperium characters.

My (wounded) Lord of Contagion and (badly wounded) Foetid Bloat-drone managed to hold the objective from a mob of angry Boyz in the final turn, and won me the game. The highlight of the game for me though, was when my Foetid Bloat-drone cooked the two mobs of 10 Grots one after the other with overwatch – in an insane display of efficiency/good rolling (a 10 followed by a 12 for its shots!).

My Plague Marines did quite well too; with two of the units surviving till the end. So much for my ‘newly painted model syndrome’ fears…

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